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Lifting barbells for biceps: rules and tricks

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Around lifting a barbell on a biceps, going different information, but Internet hype is not always easy to discover interesting “life hacks” run and technical aspects. Below we will try to reveal them.

Biceps – what are they?

A similar load on the biceps muscle of the arm is the most popular of several such activities. Most of the training plans contain the rise of the biceps, as it is the perfect way of muscle building biceps. However, correct technique is of paramount importance.

The biceps is a special muscle that receives the main load.

It is important that different grip rod load muscle groups in different ways.

Among the synergist muscles are:

  • brachioradialis, or brachioradialis;
  • shoulder, or brachialis.

Stabilizing muscle groups are:

  • trapezoidal;
  • front Delta;
  • muscle fibers flexing the wrist;
  • the levator scapula.

The entire muscular Atlas clearly demonstrated here:

Why is exercise so popular

Active pumping of the biceps muscle often is based on the lifting rod, and the reasons for such popularity below:

  • any full range of motion strengthens the biceps, but loose weight also matters;
  • when lifting occurs overall influence on strength, increases endurance and size;
  • expense EZ-fretboard wrist loaded much less than when training with a large weight.

Manual step by step

The rise of the bar – is a common activity, but it is a rare bodybuilder makes it fully correct. Let us examine the technique in steps to avoid errors.

Step 1. Prepare the forestay, put on the weights. Take grip (rastojanie between the hands = width apart) and put the legs in the same position. Then stand up straight, slightly bending your knees. Elbows near the torso, palms face in front of him, and therefore tense muscles press static.

Step 2. The shoulders do not move and start to raise the fretboard up, or rather twisted forward by traction of the muscles involved biceps and forearms. Do the exercise until full contraction of the biceps muscle, i.e., the neck will be located at shoulder level is the end point. Here you need 2 seconds to linger. Pay attention to breathing technique:

  • when lifting do exhale;
  • when lowering you should breathe.
  • Step 3. Carefully, slowly return the barbell to its original position (return to step one). Repeat it several times.

    The most effective exercise works, if you follow the following tips:

    • lift the weight in a wide arc, starting from the hips ending and the shoulders;
    • during the movement of swinging, rocking or throwing is not allowed;
    • do peak contraction of the biceps at the end point, then squeeze them into 3 accounts;
    • throwing a rod is impossible, it should go down smoothly;
    • the upgrade complete faster than lower;
    • don’t forget to stretch the biceps between sets;
    • at the bottom it is not necessary to straighten hands;
    • to improve the power characteristics need 5 sets of 5 climbs, drawing the muscles – 3 sets of 20 lifts, increase – 3 sets of 10 repetitions;
    • training hands, you should start with this sentence;
    • wear belts and straps, as well as cheating when you’re working with a heavy shell.

    Important! The most difficult version of the exercise – standing in a vertical rack or wall. Training becomes heavier, but the weight is inferior to the training in classical technique.
    Width of grip: pick up distance

    The concept of “grip width” is the distance between the hands affects the grip of the fretboard. Thus, it is possible to use:

  • wide – when the focus on the inside of the head, makes it possible to use higher weights;
  • narrow – when the emphasis on the outer head, work with smaller weights weights;
  • shoulder width – when-the-blank biceps, work with a heavy projectile.
  • Such thing as a “best grip” does not exist – each one tailored to a specific function. When you feel that “sags” external head, just pick a narrow option. Note that the grip need to be replaced periodically, this has an impact on the functional characteristics of the biceps, so consider this a caveat for training.

    How to raise the shell

    Use different lifting techniques when performing exercises with a barbell or dumbbells. Two ways shown in the picture below.

    In most exercises, the greatest challenge is that point B is the place where the lift is harder than in other positions. This method restricts you less weight of the projectile, because a large load does not give the possibility to reach point B. Thus, there is a dilemma: the biceps works effectively in the other points, but if we add 3 kg to point B will become insurmountable.

    You can work on the second method. Allows you to practice heavy shells, the equivalent distributed stress in the process of this exercise from point A to B. If the technical part is satisfied, then the bicep working all the time while you exercise, and you’ll end up lifting with the muscle in a shortened, compressed position with no loss of range of motion. That is, according to scheme 2, you’re being unfair as they reduce the period when the two-headed loaded, but it kompensiruet easily slower climbs.

    The choice of the fretboard

    The distinguishing feature of different species of vultures is not the number tgaimage weight as safe and comfortable training with them for the carpal joints. For example, with the stamp type EZ are much more comfortable to do, especially with heavy projectiles. The curve of the fretboard helps the bodybuilder to find the correct place of capture and the equilibrium center. If it is found correct, the arms are equally loaded when performing lifting of the fingerboard. With a curved shape of the carpals are at an angle, in this case, the hands are placed against each other, this position is for development of muscles is quite comfortable. The bumps on the outside correspond with the correct hand position. Dumbbells and this stamp is popular among athletes when you experience injuries of the biceps and to prevent injuries in the future.

    Grif with the direct form do not reach his brother, he is also long past, but its use is still desirable, alternating different types of grip and straight with curved fingerboards.

    After examining the features of rise of the shell on the bicep, I can confidently go to the gym to practice, it is well known that theory without practice is a waste of time. Good luck!

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