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Life without gas: 7 reasons to stop drinking diet soda

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1. Will be a headache

If you quite often have a headache, it’s possible that diet soda has to do with it. Ingredients sweetener aspartame can affect the chemical balance in the brain and nerve impulses leading to pain, anxiety and insomnia.

2. The food will be tastier

Yes, you’re not imagining it! Without regular “shots” lemonade pretty soon you will feel that the food was spicier and more flavorful. And all because of sugar substitutes are literally crazy taste buds on the tongue. The same aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and Sucralose is 600. Interestingly, after the rejection of soda you’d love a less sweet and salty foods, and returning to the diet coke, will find it overly sweet.

3. Libra will reveal the truth

Interesting study, conducted over 9 years, showed that switching to diet drinks had no effect on weight the subjects. Moreover, the increased risk of developing type II diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

4. Bones will be stronger

The refusal of the soda helps to make bones stronger and reduce the risk of fractures. The study showed that daily can of drink increases the risk of hip fracture in women older than 50 years by 14%, and women of any age worsens the mineral composition of bones.

5. Change eating habits

You probably noticed that usually offer soda to wash down fast food: burgers, pizza, fries. And if you stop to drink you pretty soon cease to want to eat junk food.

6. The alcohol will act slower

It is a scientific fact! When you mix diet soda with alcohol, the body takes it faster than normal and the alcohol concentration in the blood increases.

7. The kidneys will work better

After they no longer need to get rid of unpronounceable ingredients, the kidneys will continue to excrete toxins, stabilize blood pressure and to obtain minerals from food.

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