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Lies about women and strength training

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In this lie believe men and women themselves, gender stereotypes also apply to fitness. This is the ten most popular misconceptions about female fitness, stop to believe in them right now.

Working with iron is considered to be a male business, even now, when the distinction between “male” and “female” is virtually absent. A dozen of the most common misconceptions about the power of sport and women. Get rid of the stereotypes, and you will be able to see fitness the way it is.

Women are not as strong as men

The female half of humanity has a huge potential in the field of muscular development, particularly in the development of virtually unused muscles in the upper body. On average, women gain strength faster than men.

Strength training defeminizing women

Strength training for women has same benefits for males – the functional, physical, physiological and mental.

Strength training is suitable equally for men and for women, the presence of dense muscle has nothing to do with the term “defeminization”.
Working with weights, women huge muscles pumped up

Women have the capacity in terms of power, but they do not have the genetic potential to create large muscle volume. The exceptions are the rare genetic abnormalities, when the female body produces testosterone along with male.

Strength training reduces flexibility

Why is it assumed that strength training makes muscles hard and dense, and the woman is inflexible and unwieldy. Working with weights does not lead to loss of flexibility, on the contrary, regular exercise will make the body more flexible.

If you stop working out, muscle will turn into fat

Muscle cannot become fat, the reverse transformation is impossible, it’s different types of tissue. Muscles tend to increase or decrease in volume, the tissue has the same property, the composition of the body depends on lifestyle and habits.

Women should take protein

The usefulness of protein supplementation for women will be the same as for men. Women can use additional sources of protein to improve their physique, but excessive consumption of protein supplements will not increase muscle volume and to increase the amount of body fat.

Weight training burn fat

Strength training can help women in getting rid of excess weight, but their main purpose is to strengthen the muscles. Strength training does not burn fat.

Women should take vitamins

The need for vitamins women with an active way of life practically does not exceed the need for women with a sedentary lifestyle. Vitamins are not sources of energy and do not contribute to the formation of the structure of a woman’s body, so the need for vitamins must not directly map to training.

Weight training only for young women

To improve the quality of life through improving the muscular system it’s never too late, good physical preparation will not prevent any age. Strength training make the body more functional than older people – the more so.

Strength training for women is expensive

Strength training can take place at a top club on the latest machines and under the supervision of the best coaches in the city, in such a situation they will be really expensive. But muscles grow from stress as a result of work with the weight, the cost of equipment and the level of the hall is irrelevant. Every woman can arrange strength training in their material capabilities.

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