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Lie to me: eating pizza and burgers, drinking wine and rapidly lose weight — really

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It is actually very simple. The essence Cheater”s Diet is that on weekdays you have to eat diet food (not overdoing with carbs!), and here’s the weekend live it up, allowing yourself to pizza, burgers, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, wine, milkshakes and more. But in these wonderful two days still need to remember about moderation and not overeating, because five days later you are once again able to indulge themselves. Only here on Monday (although the weekends can be any day of the week) you have to go back to proper food. According to nutritionist Paul Rivas, this technique helps to accelerate metabolism and avoid plateau (lose weight, lose weight, and then weight got).

Despite the fact that “Diet fraud” is very simple, it has rules: Breakfast and dinner should be the foods rich in protein, and at dinner you can afford the carbs (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta). By the way, during the day eating half of the plate should occupy vegetables, a quarter meat, fish, poultry (protein), and the second quarter — the side dishes such as brown rice, boiled or baked potatoes or other carbohydrates. Can afford tea, but without sugar. Anyway, forget about the existence of white refined sugar, but if unbearable, replace it with sweetener. But it is better to do without it.

In the compulsory program of the diet: the diet should be fish, squid, mussels and other seafood. Meat should be eaten no more than 5 times a week and portion weight should not exceed 100 grams. You also have to add in your diet plenty of vegetables and fruits. And yet to observe certain rules for portion size:

  • meat, fish, poultry, or serving of low-fat cottage cheese should be the size of a deck of cards;
  • a portion of rice, buckwheat and other cereals — one tennis ball;
  • vegetables — two fists folded together;
  • berries and fruits — no more than one tea Cup;
  • nuts — a handful (30 g);
  • vegetable oil — one tablespoon.

A sample diet for a day

Breakfast: 4 egg whites, 1 yolk (cooked without butter), tea or coffee without milk;
Lunch: half of a thin pita stuffed with poultry or tuna with vegetables;
Snack: handful of almonds;
Dinner: chicken breast with grilled vegetables;
Snack: Cup of cocoa.

Of course, Cheater”s Diet has positive and negative sides.

The good:

  • no need to count calories;
  • it is easy to sit for a long time;
  • psychologically the diet is very comfortable because you don’t have to give up your favorite fatty foods and alcohol forever, only until the weekend;
  • in two weeks you can lose up to 7 pounds.

The bad:

  • the diet is not adapted for the calories, so, to some it will seem too rich and someone is not satisfying;
  • Paul Rivas does not prohibit artificial sweeteners, although many nutrition consider them very harmful.
  • diet is not good for those who can’t control himself at the weekend, because eat junk food is possible only within reasonable limits.

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