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Lethal weight loss: the top 5 most dangerous diets in the world

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1. “Fat burning” drug DNP

Recently on websites and social networks to spread a new way of slimming “fat burner”. Judging by the reviews of those who decided to lose weight with DNP (dinitrophenol or used for the production of chemical dyes), the effect of the funds really is the pounds melt away. As and health.

The CPS just woke up and warned citizens about the danger to the life of DNP, stopping the operation of the site “fat burning” drug. Side effects from the use of dinitrophenol: a rise in temperature, increased heart rate, upset digestive system, skin rash, swelling. In addition, reported cases with a fatal outcome.

2. Biohacking diet from Silicon valley

In Silicon valley a new trend — biohacking (“hacking the body”). Top managers and leaders of IT companies refuse to eat. Rather, take breaks. For example, eat one small dish on Monday, and Friday — out to dinner. The rest of the time allowed to consume only liquids.

Of course, fasting weight will go away very quickly. And fans of biohacking even argue that this method improves efficiency. In fact, prolonged fasting is very dangerous for the body. It seriously violates the metabolism and digestion, also lose muscle tissue, reduced immunity, suffer from liver, gall bladder and the list goes on. Not ruled out anemia, arrhythmia, hypotension and even death. In General, it is not necessary to go to extremes.

3. Diet pills

Diet pill is one of the most dangerous. Manufacturers of tablets that promise rapid weight loss without any extra effort. But is not spoken about the irreparable damage that these tools cause to the body. And we are talking about the violation of the bodies — up to serious consequences.

This is especially true of Thai tablets which are prohibited for production in Russia, but still come onto the market. Many drugs enter the parasite eggs that turn into worms, once in the intestine. They start to eat part of your food, which inevitably leads to weight loss. Yeah, so creepy. And sometimes Thai add tablets and drugs. Be careful and don’t trust advertising dubious ways to lose weight!

4. Diet hormones

Many women are addicted to the use of hormones with the goal to lose weight. For example, it is believed that the hormone of the placenta activates the metabolism and fat burning, growth hormone stimulates the metabolism.

But the efficacy and safety of these methods is questionable. But there is a definite side effect: tissue growth, stimulation of the ovaries and the formation of tumor cells.

5. Lemon diet

If you compare the lemon diet rest of our roster, it seems pretty harmless. However, nutritionists believe that its menu is also dangerous to humans.

When the Network started talking about that thanks lemon water demi Moore stays young and beautiful, I sat on this diet. But one thing — in the morning drink a glass of water with lemon and eat right, and more — the day drinking only, and even seizing a burning red pepper. If you get involved in this menu, so close to gastritis or ulcers. Because lemon and pepper on an empty stomach it will inevitably corrode.

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