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Lessons “Invincible”: as a trained boxer ward

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Andre ward – world-level boxer, winning numerous titles. The sport has become to the boy a lifeline. In early youth, without a fight was not a day that otherwise would not survive. The first title Andre won in 16 years, becoming the best in the United States.

Ward is an American boxer

Today ward’s many years of victorious encounters with famous athletes, Olympic gold, world champion title many other awards. Meetings in the ring have always caused a stir and a genuine interest in the process of fighting, not so much to its outcome. Statistics indicate incredible figures: of the 110 fights, 105 of them made up the ward, leaving the opponent behind.

2017 became black for fans of a boxer. The athlete decided to hang up the gloves and leave the ring, proudly raising his head, left the defending champion. Andre saw no reason to speak further, wanted to have a family, the word has three sons and a daughter. Not all believe in a final departure, and in 2018, the social network blew up an ambiguous record that the athlete is actively training, gaining weight that would allow him to enter the top heavy category.

Three components of success of a boxer

As one, the experts spoke of Ward as the master of striking. Indeed, many of his victories, the athlete won due to the precise impact and fantastic reactions. Phenomenal endurance athlete’s written no article, and all the personal qualities of the victorious Andre has developed himself, working hard on yourself.

Ward himself believes that his success he owes his family for their support during the most difficult periods, coach – for active work, perseverance, personally – willed character. He believes that the main criteria of a Boxing success are:

  • Technique.
  • Endurance.
  • Power.

The technique is accumulating with the years, you want to be successful in something, do it constantly. For example, seek to reap from the chest not less than 200 kg., then the systematic training will do the trick. To achieve such a high result, more than half of the training time is spent on strikes, sparring with opponents, fighting with a shadow.

Endurance not less than a good athlete, so 20% of the time was spent on high-intensity physical activity. Well in this case helped running, jumping rope, sand, gravel, bumps under water, other complex technology training.

The impact must be such a force to repel the enemy’s desire to resist, so the remaining time Andre spent to increase their power performance. As a rule, the boxer was given this kind of training 2 days per week. Power loading allows not only to develop the power stroke, it supports the body in tone, strengthen muscles. The purpose of Andre at this time, was to develop the overall strength of a body, i.e., to pump the maximum amount of muscle at a time. The methodology of the training process Andre ward force will be discussed later.

Power training with Andre ward

As mentioned above, power training with Andre is to study the maximum number of muscle groups. To do this, the athlete prefers to use a set of basic exercises that have long confirmed their versatility, effectiveness, complexity. Loading his body on a few times a week, you can count on muscle strengthening, a General transformation of the relief.

Squat with a barbell

The weight of the projectile must be designed in such a way that it is possible to perform 4 sets of 15-30 repetitions. The athlete chose a very modest load when the maximum number of repetitions, because overdoing it increases the likelihood to pay health and career.

When performing exercises it is extremely important to observe, not to forget about the insurance. If you are just beginning to attractive figure, start with a blank fretboard, it also weighs enough.

Bench press

A classic for any self-respecting boxer. A good exercise is working muscles of the shoulder girdle, which is directly involved in hitting an opponent in the ring.

Use the same number of sets and repetitions to achieve the best training effect.

Remember about the support in the classroom, security is never superfluous.
Blows with a sledgehammer

One of those exercises that are most often used by boxers in their training. The athlete strikes the hammer on the tire that mimics the hammer on the anvil.

Exercise is extremely effective for dealing with battle, and also for those wishing to strengthen the muscles of the upper torso. It uses the same muscles as when you punch, well developed attack power.

Exercises with harnesses

After the basic part, consisting of three of the above exercises, Andre goes to the main program. Here, as a rule, are standard exercises for a bodybuilder. Training with the harness is one of the most preferred.

Exercises consist of stretching of the bundles in different directions. Thus training of the entire shoulder girdle and the back, additional load created by the tension force of the projectile.

Also the main block of the training of the athlete contains different kinds of push-UPS, presses, swings, pull-UPS. Ward have a pair of their “chips”, without which no cost, no strength training is bending with tied weights and pull in the crossover. Unloved strap also complements weight training because the athlete believes it is an extremely effective exercise for overall muscle development. Completes a training day or a set of exercises on a press.

Workout videos ward

Video training ward will allow to better understand the methods of power training, will give an additional impetus towards a pumped figure. In the illustrative example we can consider the nuances of technique of certain types of exercises and to obtain a comprehensive view of the system of training in General.

Also do not forget about the importance of systematic training. Only by a correct chart of nutrition, rest and training you can count on the desired result.

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