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Less worry: 15 health problems caused by stress

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1. Unhealthy food

Stress in the body decreases the level of serotonin and dopamine, it releases cortisol. To make the body share reserve of serotonin, you need to eat something sweet or, for example, French fries — anything you like. However, the “shock of happiness” for long enough.

2. Less sports

Stress creates fatigue, and after the working day you want to go in front of the TV and not go to the gym. But if you force yourself to go exercise, will quickly feel better.

3. Bad habits

Many people stress begin to smoke or drink alcohol.

4. A bad dream

Insomnia, sleepy during the day — all this may be due to severe stress.

5. Critical days

Stress can affect the duration of menstruation, the profusion, the length of the cycle.

6. Fertility

Due to problems with the cycle (or lack of it) reduces the body’s ability to conceive. Sometimes Vice versa – suddenly returned to ovulate allows you to develop an unplanned pregnancy.

7. Immunity

At constant stress, many people start to get sick more often, catching every virus.

8. Herpes

On the lips may appear “cold”, even if before you didn’t.

9. Burp

Stress can provoke acid reflux, and sometimes to contribute to the development of gastritis. In addition, it affects the digestion.

10. Libido

Stress is greatly reduced sexual desire.

11. Pressure

Under constant stress may develop hypertension, in complex cases comes to a heart attack.

12. Mood

Stress greatly affects the mood: you can be sad, irritable, more likely to experience bouts of rage.

13. Dementia

People who had many stressful situations in 30-40 years, are more likely to develop dementia in old age.

14. Headaches

Stress causes headaches, even if before they you never had.

15. Nails and hair

High levels of stress, the nails may for a time cease to grow, and her hair start to fall out more rapidly.

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