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Leggings for sports: how to choose the ones that ideally sit on your figure

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1. Problem: they slide

Solution: buy the high-waisted leggings

Very uncomfortable to think about exercise, and how to discreetly pull up his pants. That is why you should pay attention to the model with elastic waist. They must sit, but not to pinch the belly, otherwise you will be uncomfortable. But if over time, the leggings are stretched, it is better to replace them with new ones.

And don’t just settle for those who gave girlfriend or mother. Pick your own!

2. Problem: they are too long

Solution: choose the model for low

Otherwise, you will have to shorten the existing ones, because they will not be perfectly. Besides, it costs extra. As a variant — to buy pants with a 7/8 length, they will be too good to sit.

3. Problem: they quickly rush

Solution: avoid cotton, buy spandex

During training thighs can RUB against each other, and the leggings will be a hole. It is best not to buy cotton model home, and a sporty leggings made of spandex or nylon. In addition to strength, and they still sit and cool in the heat.

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