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Left without dinner: 5 reasons why you should not skip meals

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1. Weight is reduced, but it’s a trap

Of course, often skipping meals to lose weight. At the interval of fasting there are benefits like weight loss and a short improve well-being. But if you skip meals to punish yourself, better don’t do that! If you eat later, or stupor from hunger will move, the result will be. Better to skip the evening meal and for Breakfast and lunch to eat normally.

2. Risk to eat more

Studies have shown that when hunger is added stress from lack of food, people can eat plenty of food or not to start eating everything that is not nailed. To cancel and grab on the way sugar donuts — bad option.

3. You feel tired

The reason for this decline in the level of glucose in the blood. When the brain loses power, it begins to slow down the body.

4. Spoil the mood

Skip eating sugar drops, and with it the mood. When you feel bad, you can start to eat everything.

5. Weight will remain low for long

Fresh research has shown that interval fasting and a healthy diet have similar long-term results, but starving still more likely to “eat” dropped pounds back.

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