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Lee Priest asks fans for help after insurance denied

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Because Lee Priest can be very offensive at times, his demeanor can work against him. One example of this is receiving a lifetime ban from the IFBB while he was at the height of his competitive career. But Priest continued to solidify his online presence and retained the respect of many in the iron sports industry. Lee always gave the impression that he was financially stable and did not need anyone's help. But, like many others, the reality turned out to be the exact opposite. Lee has recently created an account with the donation site GoFundMe to help cover his medical expenses. In 2015, he suffered a very bad injury in a car accident that ended his bodybuilding career. And now he asks his fans to help him financially, with the goal of reaching $ 70,000 (Priest soon increased the required amount to $ 100,000). Lee himself criticized and ridiculed many websites and bodybuilding journalists as "button paws" living in the basement of their mothers' houses. Last week, the Australian blew up the Internet with his strict lifting of the bar for biceps with a weight of 100 kg (more on this at As it later turned out, he used fake pancakes in this video, but the insurance service, according to him, still suspended payments for the operation because of such actions. And not too long ago, Lee showed off his handsome, expensive sports car on social media. Now Lee wrote the following:

The last five and a half years have definitely not been the best of my life. One morning, I happily enjoyed training, thinking about future titles I might add to my collection, and the next minute the reckless driver took the opportunity away from me. In a car accident, a nerve in my neck ruptured, causing muscle atrophy and loss of strength on the right side of my body. By and large, this injury may not seem like the most serious, especially when you look at the consequences of most car accidents. But for me, whose life has been and remains dedicated to bodybuilding, my career is over. I can't build muscle and I can't even achieve symmetry in the upper body. However, there is still hope, as surgery combined with stem cell therapy can help me return to my true self. Many thanks to all the fans who have stayed with me all these years!

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