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Amino acid complex Xtend manufactured by the company SciVation, contains not only the usual components, but also citrulline malate, and glutamine. Supplement is popular among bodybuilders who train at a professional level. It is suitable for the use of beginners, because it allows to speed up the process of muscle building and prevent catabolic impacts. The efficiency of the BCAAs is what is included in the composition of the product. The main feature of the supplements is that it does not contain any unnecessary components, the effectiveness of which would cause doubt.

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Effects from taking

The reception of the complex allows:

  • to increase the gain of muscle dry weight;
  • to reduce the influence of catabolic processes;
  • to stimulate the production of growth hormone;
  • to accelerate protein synthesis;
  • to increase anaerobic endurance;
  • to improve regenerative processes.

To obtain these effects, the athletes take BCAA complexes.


The complex contains two parts leucine and one part valine and isoleucine. This ratio is chosen because it is the most effective for muscle dry mass and faster recovery after workouts. Glutamine, part of the supplements, helps to maintain immune function and increase muscle mass. Citrulline malate can increase the speed of the blood supply and excretes lactic acid. Sports nutrition contains not only amino acids but also B6. This vitamin is an enzyme, which is protein synthesis and increase muscle mass. There are no unnecessary ingredients in addition, so the value of the complex remains available, and the efficiency remains high.

How to take

The specialists of the manufacturer is recommended to use the amino acid Supplement twice a day. First time 30 minutes before workout and the second immediately after. In free from lessons, the complex can be taken only in the morning. This is done to prevent catabolic processes immediately after waking up. To cook a serving of supplements, you need to stir in 300 ml 1 scoop complex. The taste of the product is quite pleasant, though sour. Supplementation does not cause side effects or digestive upset.


BCAA complexes represent the most popular sports nutrition among both experienced athletes and newcomers alike. Reviews about this amino acid Supplement mostly positive. Many bodybuilders praise Xtend. The main secret of the effectiveness of the product is a balanced composition and the absence of questionable, unnecessary components, for which you would have to overpay. The effectiveness of each ingredient included in the composition, proven scientifically. Manufacturer, developing a product, trying to satisfy all the needs of the athletes. Supplement is produced with ten different flavors. Judging by the reviews, the most popular product in lemon-lime, mango, green Apple. Among the advantages of the complex athletes see great solubility of the product, absorption in the body and the absence of any side effects.

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