Women’s fitness: endurance exercise at home


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Women’s fitness: endurance exercise at home

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  • The types of fitness-endurance training
  • Variables endurance exercise
  • Physical activity endurance in the home

Endurance training causes the human body to work in conditions of high load. At this time, all internal organs and systems of the body function in a special mode — smoothly and rapidly. Because these exercises require a huge consumption of energy, they are especially popular among those who want to lose weight. There are many types of physical activity endurance. The following are the effective complex suitable for home lessons women of any age and athletic training.

The types of fitness-endurance training

All endurance exercise can be divided into two main types.

  • Aerobic.

The essence of aerobic exercise that the body is actively saturated with oxygen and it occur redox reactions, replenishing energy. The most accessible of aerobic physical activity is running. During the cross-country training to develop the required energy is from anaerobic glycolysis, which contributes to rapid burning of fat reserves.

Since the average duration of a typical aerobic fitness workout — 15-30 minutes, running in less than 15 minutes is considered ineffective. When a weak uniform load (walking, slow running) exercise should last at least 1 hour.

  • Anaerobic.

Anaerobic exercises do not involve intensive work of the whole body, and load just a certain group of muscles. Such training is usually held in the gym with extra weights. This form of exercise aimed at increasing strength endurance of the body by a permanent increase in the working weight, and for weight loss is not generally used. One of the common anaerobic exercise is squats. They are well pumped thighs and buttocks, but little help to cope with the extra sediment in this area.

During the execution of the anaerobic complexes of energy source of body becomes glucose. Her inventory is quite enough for working muscles, so the fat layer remains intact. Of course, if too large a percentage of excess weight, the body will begin to lose weight, but to bring the figure to perfection only by means of aerobic exercise and special diets.

An important principle of anaerobic training — particular frequency, is performed when the specified number of approaches, not more than 5 minutes for each set. The average time of study of one group of muscles for 3 minutes when the number of approaches is 3.

Variables endurance exercise

Variables continuous exercises often refer to aerobic training. They develop fine muscle endurance, and cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This is a great way to lose weight and tighten the body. An example of such a load could be run on 100 meters with maximum speed, turning into a jog a slow pace. Then again, practice intense running, ending with a jog.

The task of the continuous variables of fitness training is to develop endurance, the ability to keep the pace, keep breathing, and reach a goal. You can specify, for example, the specific goal is to run 1 km over the speed limit. Next, you should split the workout into parts, and does not stop even during the forced decrease in pace.

During such exercises is necessary to overcome the threshold of hypoxic — lack of oxygen to the internal organs, which is manifested in the following:

  • the darkening in the eyes;
  • noise in the ears;
  • the emergence of a sense of weakness.

For a healthy person this is a normal reaction for this type of exercise. This is not completely and abruptly stop, or you can even lose consciousness. It is better to go in slow phase of exercise to full recovery, while maintaining deep breathing. Once the symptoms completely disappear, you can start the intense part of the session.

Home interval training on endurance improve many of the physical characteristics of the athlete. They allow good sweat and getting rid of extra fat. It can make out of breath and felt a tingling in his side, but over time the body becomes accustomed to the load. Do not just take a high benchmark, set ourselves challenging goals and to apply to multicomponent systems. You need to gradually strengthen the body, giving the muscles the base load, and only then move on to the workout of high intensity.

Physical activity endurance in the home

Endurance for women is available not only in the gym but in the house.

  • Jump rope.

The second classic after running load can be considered to be jumping rope. When alternating approaches 50 and 100 times at different rates, the volume of the lower body will rapidly decrease. So jump rope is a mandatory home sports equipment for achieving a beautiful figure.

  • A quick walk.

Great exercise, especially for those who are accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle or has a high body mass index. Daily walks at a fast pace not less than 30 minutes will have the desired effect and the body will become more hardy and fit.

  • Races on the hill.

These mini-crosses on rough terrain excellent coaching heart, breath and pumped all the muscles of the body. To do this, you must quickly run up the hill or the road elevation up to a distance of 50 meters, then slow down again and repeat the exercise. The number of sets is limited only by the physical capabilities of the performer. Please bring with you a bottle of water to periodically do a few SIPS on the descents and in the moments of silence.

  • Steps.

A conventional stair apartment buildings — the simplest simulator, well coaching endurance of the body. Energy consumption this running is much more effective than uphill, so in normal life is to abstain from elevators, escalators and climb only on foot. You can start with flights of stairs, overcoming 9-12 floors in one session.

  • Alternating squats and push-UPS.

Another great way to improve muscular and respiratory endurance is a mix of anaerobic and aerobic loads. The basis is simple, but intense version 10 minute fitness workout to pump the press, arms and buttocks.

  • Squats — 15 pushups — 10 times.
  • Rest — 30 seconds.
  • Squats — 20 times push-UPS — 10 times.
  • The rest — 45 seconds.
  • Squats — 25 times, push-UPS — 15 times.
  • Rest — 60 seconds.
  • Squats — 25 times, push-UPS — 15 times.
  • This training allows you to quickly bring your body in shape. The main thing — not to stretch your exercise time and keep a dynamic pace. If you do push-UPS in the upper arm too hard, for starters, you can use the stand on my knees. Regular full-load with the implementation of the full number of repetitions and approaches can significantly increase the endurance and strengthen all major muscle groups.

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