William Bonac shows incredible transformation in 9 years

William bonac
William Bonac is one of the best bodybuilders in the world. He recently showed how far he has come in developing his body in a comparison post on his Instagram page. According to many, Bonac is the future of the open division. He has always been an athlete of the highest level, who never goes far from the top three in competitions and always gives his best on stage. This made him a formidable force on any day of any tournament and allowed Bonak to win many prizes over the years. William has come a long way, as he showed his followers by posting a photo from 2010 on Instagram: "Left 2010 (my second year in amateurs). Right 2019 (my 6th year in the open division)" Bonac did not mention how much he weighed in both pictures, but it was interesting to see exactly what muscle mass he developed during this time. Even after he stopped working with Neil Hill (more on this at IronFlex.com.ua), he did not roll back in show form in competitions. It remains to be seen if "Conqueror" Bonac can win the title "Mr. Olympia", and perhaps 2020 is the same year for William.
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