William Bonac poses on NPC and shows family

  Worldwide William Bonac Classic 2019
NPC Worldwide William Bonac Classic is an amateur show named after a talented bodybuilder from Ghana.

Bonac had a pretty successful 2019. He went on stage three times with excellent results at every turn. After second place at the Arnold Classic USA festival, he won Arnold Classic Australia. Fall on Mr. Olympia, he received the title of vice champion among the best bodybuilders. However, Bonac has not finished his stage in 2019 and, although he is not competing, he decided to pose at his Worldwide William Bonac Classic in Amsterdam. The tournament is a qualifying event for fans, and winning it will allow athletes to participate in future IFBB Pro tournaments. The video shows that Bonac improved his back after Las Vegas. After posing, his wife and daughter joined him, and he used this opportunity to thank them for all their support over the years. He says that it is they who help to cook his food and support in training on those days when he does not want to engage in a sports club. It was a very warm moment after an impressive pose. William is still in great shape and hopes to make a big advance in 2020.

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