Why engage in the power of fitness and how to do it

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Why engage in the power of fitness and how to do it

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  • The need for and types of power of fitness
  • Rules force fitness program
  • Error when performing strength exercises

Today, more and more people, regardless of gender and age, trying to lead a healthy lifestyle — refuse from bad habits, go on a proper diet and attached to sports. Some choose aerobic type of fitness, other — power (anaerobic).

Cardio training is more aimed at weight loss and reduction of body volumes. To build muscle, they do not contribute. To strengthen and develop beautiful muscle definition help it is strength training. They can be performed with the weight of his own body, and by lifting weights in the gym and home.

The need for and types of power of fitness

As mentioned above, anaerobic fitness program is a complex of sports items running with weights: self weight, machines, free weights (barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.). They are aimed at:

  • strengthening and building of muscles;
  • correction of the topography of the body, the elimination of flaws;
  • the increase in the volume of blood vessels, strengthening their walls;
  • the improvement of the heart and heart muscle;
  • the increase in volume of the chest, the oxygenation of cells;
  • normalization of hemoglobin level, strengthen the immune system;
  • improved posture, prevention of osteochondrosis;
  • increase bone density;
  • prevention of diabetes, cancer;
  • the inhibition of aging;
  • elimination of stress, improvement of mood.

Modern clubs offer 2 main types of power fitness programs:

Group — is aimed at the study of all muscles or individual muscle groups. They contribute to increasing motivation, the emergence of a competitive element, formation of team spirit. The main directions of the group of anaerobic fitness:

  • Body Pump, Body Sculpt, Total Body Shock — training programs that include exercises aimed at improving the whole body. Performed under the guidance of coach with free weights.
  • Upper Body, Abdominal, Back Spine (ABS), Lower Body, Buttocks Abdominal Legs (ABL) — an anaerobic fitness program designed for the pumping of individual muscle groups.
  • Interval training (Interval Training) — fitness, combining strength training and cardiorespiratory training. Both types of loads are performed in interval mode.
  • Personal power training done individually (at home or in the fitness club under the supervision of an instructor). Their main areas:

  • Split (Split) — complexes of exercises for training of separate muscle groups on different days.
  • Interval training (Interval Training) — alternating anaerobic and cardio within the same class.
  • Fullbody (Full Body) — bleeding all the major muscle groups in 1 exercise.
  • Rules force fitness program

    If you decide to engage an individual view of power of fitness without the help of a coach and want to succeed, create and conduct classes by the rules:

  • Do not ignore the workout. Cold muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons more susceptible to injury.
  • Make up a fitness program mainly of basic exercises and add insulation. This will help to pump the main muscle groups, faster and better to build muscle.
  • Carefully read technique elements and clearly observe it.
  • At the initial stage of the power practice gym with a small weights.
  • Mind power gym 2-3 times a week for an hour, giving the muscles 1-3 days for rest and recovery.
  • Conducting comprehensive training and start doing exercises with upper body gradually to the exercise of the lower extremities.
  • Follow the posture and breathing. Your back should be upright, inhale on the effort and exhale on relaxation.
  • Do not forget about the rest. Between exercises break should be 3 minutes between sets — 2.
  • Finish an anaerobic training, breathing exercises and stretching.
  • In the presence of excess weight alternate anaerobic training with cardio and do not forget about proper nutrition.
  • Error when performing strength exercises

    Anaerobic fitness is a sufficiently serious burden on the entire body, therefore, power exercises should be performed with extreme caution. The most common mistakes athletes:

    • Ignoring contraindications.

    Anaerobic exercise is prohibited if you have problems with the spine, the presence of chronic diseases, asthma, a heart disorder, high blood pressure. Before the training necessary to pass the examination and to consult a doctor who will give all the necessary recommendations.

    • Ignoring the warm up and stretching.

    Neglecting warm-up exercises is fraught with decrease in efficiency of training and increase the morbidity. Ignoring stretching causes muscles less restored, there is a severe delayed onset muscle soreness. With unstretched, but pumped up muscles in the body will be raised, athletic and fit, and movement of the athlete at the same time — constrained and awkward. Dynamic stretching before strength training can also be used as a warm-up.

    • Work with large weights, number of sets and repetitions.

    The pursuit of quick results and the use of heavy weights in the first workouts lead to overexertion of the muscles, appearance of a strong pain syndrome and the rejection of all classes after the first training. The weight of the weights should be such that they can be doing 2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.

    • Failure to observe movements.

    This is the first that leads to injury and reduce the effectiveness of anaerobic fitness.

    • Cycling on one fitness program.

    After habituation of the body to the initial loads it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions, sets, weights, working, and also change the exercises in the training program. Without this, no progress will be made in the classroom.

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