Where will Sean Roden perform?

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Hard work is a reward. No matter where you are from and what your circumstances are, whether they are light or black, we all need to take time to achieve our goal. Do not bulge your head, stay in your lane and let's work.

– Life wisdom from the still-current title holder Mr. Olympia, Shawn Rhoden. With these words, the athlete showed several photos from a training session from Gold's Gym sports club with his coach Charles Glass and partners.
Sean still has a life-long ban on playing at the Olympia show from his AMI owners. But Rodin continues to improve the competitive form and, most likely, will soon demonstrate it to the delight of his fans. Sean will be able to do this at the fall professional tournaments organized by the IFBB Professional League. Through exceptions in large public groups, bodybuilding enthusiasts predicted his posing at the European qualifier Yamamoto Cup Pro Show 2019 with a cash fund of $ 55,000.00, which will be held in Italy from September 20 to 22. On the stage of this tournament, Roden can face off against another no less significant contender for the victory – Egyptian Mamdou Elssbiay (Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay), who missed the entire competitive season of 2019. On August 24, Big Rami, while guest posing at the Victor Martinez’s 2019 Legends Championships amateur tournament, showed off his updated form, which he had prepared for the fall season.

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Yamamoto Cup Pro Show 2019

Yamamoto Cup Pro Show

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