Where Mamdu big Rami will qualify for the Olympia 2019?

After a serious defeat in the fall of 2018 in Las Vegas, where the Vice-champion Rami Mamdu Elsby (Big Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay) became only the sixth in the line of open bodybuilding, he abruptly changed his life. Immediately after the apology on Instagram to his fans, big Rami left the native club Oxygen Gym in Kuwait, Sheikh Bader budaya (Bader Boodai), moved to Dubai, hired a new coach Neil Yoda hill (Neil Yoda Hill) from Britain and even changed his / her sponsor. Before an athlete is an important primary goal – to qualify for Mr. 2019 Olympia, winning one of the professional tournaments qualifiers. Analyzing the recent video Mamdu

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