What to bring to the fitness club: mandatory things and accessories

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What to bring to the fitness club: mandatory things and accessories

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  • You need to fitness training?
  • What is more useful for doing physical activity?
  • Features of women’s set of exercises

Fitness for many has become a familiar pastime, which is dedicated to a lot of free time. The people trying to change themselves physically visit gyms, are engaged in power sports, aerobics, Pilates, crossfit, yoga. Often at the first training of newcomers have a lot of questions. One of the most common — what to take with you to the fitness club. We try to answer in this article.

You need to fitness training?

Lovers of physical culture take to the gym a variety of things. Some of them are needed on each exercise, others are used from time to time, while others only take up space in your gym bag, often having to fitness an indirect relationship. What do you need to take classes exercise in the first place? Without which it is impossible to do?

In the bag of any athlete regardless of the sport, which he practices and his level of physical fitness, should be these items:

  • training clothes and shoes;
  • sports diary;
  • water bottle;
  • towel;
  • shower accessories.

This is the minimum and most essential set of accessories for fitness, without which it is impossible to efficiently organize the training. Now analyze each subject separately.

  • Bag for training.

Because sports facilities need to be put somewhere, you first need to purchase a bag with two mid-length ergonomic handles and one shoulder strap, or sufficient backpack. To choose the product should be of durable material, with multiple compartments in which to store clean linen, small accessories, training suits and shoes. Every thing must have its place.

  • Clothing.

When choosing sports clothes should be guided by its convenience and safety. Classic version — tracksuit or shorts kit t-shirt. Girls it is better to physical exercise in leggings, shirt and other clothing that will not restrict movement, clinging to trainers and sports equipment. Clothing should be chosen according to the size and not have thick seams, RUB the skin.

  • Shoes.

Lightweight running shoes is the main shoes of the athlete. To the gym need to take only proven pair of shoes that are not too tight and rubs the foot, sits comfortably on the leg. If you have bought new shoes then before taking them to the gym, walk a little in them around the house or outside. Evaluate whether you are comfortable in this Shoe.

  • Water.

Physical activity is always movement, loss of energy and water in the body. Therefore, training should always take a bottle of water. Drinking water should be small portions. To limit their fluid intake is not worth it. A standard size bottle of water is 1 liter.

  • Diary.

To properly plan your workout, write the program, should track the number of visits to sports hall, to note the number of performed exercises, to discuss in detail the results obtained. All this is recorded in the training diary. It can be represented as a simple Notepad or an electronic notebook, which is conducted in the smartphone or other convenient gadget.

  • Towel.

This accessory will be useful not only for the soul, but also directly during active physical exercise. Because of the active activities also promote sweating. Sweat should be promptly removed.

  • Shower.

Water treatment — a necessary element of each fitness classes. Contrast shower not only makes your body clean and fresh, but also will promote muscle relaxation and rapid relaxation after physical exertion. Among the accessories usually included rubber Slippers, shampoo, or gel for hair and body, washcloth, comb.

What is more useful for doing physical activity?

In the bag for training, in addition to the mandatory set of the above facilities, many athletes can find additional accessories that are helpful for lessons. Take them with you or leave at home — depends on personal preference.

  • Music.

This usually player, a small music column or smartphone with pre-downloaded playlists. Fitness music will be more interesting and dynamic. In addition, the music is distracting from the load, helps to gather strength, reduces mental tension. To listen music better with headphones not to disturb others.

  • A timer or stopwatch.

Intense physical activity requires monitoring the time spent executing a particular exercise or to rest between sets to the simulator. For this you can use a wrist watch, but rather, a special timer.

  • Holder for your phone.

If you intend to in the gym to listen to music on the telephone or monitor with the help of the time, you will need a holder for this gadget, or as it is called, holder.

  • Shaker.

It is practiced among those who during training is preparing itself for a protein or vitamin cocktails.

  • Gloves.

This accessory is needed for those who prefer strength exercises in the gym, or lifts a heavy barbell, dumbbells. Gloves prevent slipping of the neck or handle of sports equipment, and also protect palms from formation of blisters.

These items can bring in a fitness club all athletes, regardless of gender. Now take a closer look at what you may need in the gym girls and women.

Features of women’s set of exercises

A list of items and accessories that are recommended to take to the gym, for girls need to expand a little. Women’s exercises men always varied, and therefore the filling of the bags the girls are athletes different.

  • Things for the pool.

First and foremost this swimsuit. Recommended continuous model. The less things in a sports bag, the better. Still need a bathing cap, waterproof Slippers with non-slip soles.

  • Fitness bracelet.

Using this accessory you can control the workout time, pulse, calories burned.

  • The bandage on his head.

For those who have long hair during a workout, it is recommended to clean up them using bandages or elastic.

  • Cosmetics.

Women’s fitness is impossible without a minimum set of cosmetics. In a sports bag any girl you can find road kits cosmetics. Usually it’s the little jars and vials of gel, deodorant, lipstick, cream. Best buy probes that do not take up much space.

As you gain experience sports, a set of items in the bag for training will change, regardless of the fact that there are collected items of women’s fitness or the necessary for male strength training.

Many accessories eventually be superfluous, and the need for some serious increases. Beginners should not pay much attention to what you take with you to the gym for experienced athletes: they have completely different goals and objectives. If there is a controversial issue, whether in training specific subject, it is better to contact the coach or instructor.

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