What is HIIT: high intensity interval fitness training

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What is HIIT: high intensity interval fitness training

The contents

  • What is interval fitness?
  • Types of interval fitness programs
  • Error when performing exercises in high intensity interval mode
  • Contraindications and disadvantages of HIIT

High-intensity interval training or HIIT is a form of fitness involving alternating short periods of intense physical activity with slower, recovery phases. Previously, such training was practiced only by professional athletes before important competitions.

Today interval fitness program popular among ordinary fans HLS because they help to quickly lose weight, strengthen muscles and improve his relief. The exercise does not take much time — just 20-30 minutes. Practicing HIIT is basically 3 times a week. However, this time is enough to produce amazing results.

What is interval fitness?

As mentioned above, high-intensity interval fitness is an alternation of short periods of training with short phases of rest. This technique is quite popular among athletes who wish to lose weight. It helps to increase the amount of L-carnitine, which brings the fat cells to the mitochondria where they are burned. Mitochondria also oxidize fat deposits to release energy. Moreover, this process occurs not only during exercise but also after that.

Also when performing high-intensity interval fitness program in the blood growth hormone which is also responsible for burning body fat and normalization of metabolism. It turns out that fat cells to apply a “double strike”, thanks to him and achieved excellent results in losing weight.

Athletes practicing interval fitness, identifies a number of characteristics before the long and less intense workouts:

  • With HIIT, the metabolism is accelerated several times, so the process of burning calories continues for days after the session and even longer. For example, after a long training with a constant intensity, does not.
  • Along with metabolic exercises performed in high intensity interval mode, accelerate all metabolic processes in the body. The fats in the muscles break down faster, so the process of weight loss takes place more efficiently.
  • Norwegian scientists have proved that any interval fitness program reduces the amount of enzymes that affect fat accumulation process.
  • HIIT increases endurance athlete and can save time in the classroom.
  • High-intensity interval fitness not only helps to burn fat but keep muscle. It consists of fast and slow fibers. The first is responsible for the duration of the training and development of endurance, the second is for power training and speed up the execution of each exercise. HIIT uses both types of muscle fibers, providing muscle a double impact.

    Types of interval fitness programs

    Interval training can be done at several fitness programs. The main thing — to preserve the principle of alternating phases of rest and work, and to make movements with maximum intensity. Exercises you can pick yourself.

    • Circular high-intensity training.

    This fitness program involves performing movements at maximum speed in a circle, 15-25 times one after the other without interruption. It should include 4-5 exercises. Between the circles should rest 20-30 seconds, there should be 5-7 PCs.

    • The training Protocol TABATA.

    This kind of cyclic high-intensity fitness includes aerobic and weight training, due to which allows you to burn fat, to form a beautiful relief of the body and to train the cardiovascular system. This training involves the study of one specific muscle group for 4 minutes. It is held as follows: 20 seconds of intense work, 10 seconds rest — 8 mini-sets. In the process of active phase should be run the maximum number of repetitions for each exercise.

    • HIIT mode fartlek.

    The principle of this cyclic training is that you need to work with different speed, distance and time. For example, treadmill fitness should start with walking for about 50 seconds then you need to go to Jogging (about 3 minutes), then 40 second sprint and so on. To engage in this mode it is recommended that 15 to 40 minutes.

    Error when performing exercises in high intensity interval mode

    HIIT is very useful for weight loss and improvement of the relief of the body in a short time. However, to be most effective in the course of employment you should avoid the following errors:

  • Don’t practice interval training, if the purpose of sports activities — muscle building. These exercises will eliminate fat, but to significantly increase the amount of muscle not allow. To do this, you should reconsider your diet and working with weights.
  • Pay attention to your training intensity, not duration. There is no need to do longer than an hour, if work is being carried out very actively.
  • Do not practice circular fitness program every day. 3-4 sessions per week with a one-day break will be enough.
  • Always do a warm-up before training, and review your diet. This will help to prevent injuries and to increase the effectiveness of HIIT.
  • Contraindications and disadvantages of HIIT

    Cons high-intensity circular fitness a bit:

  • The impossibility of training people with a low level of physical fitness.
  • Increase muscle mass, then try to avoid many women.
  • Contraindications do HIIT a few more:

    • problems with the spinal column;
    • obesity;
    • pathology of the heart, blood vessels;
    • low physical activity or its complete absence for the past 3 months.

    Also exercise high intensity in circular mode, it is impossible to make children, women during pregnancy and lactation. Before any training, be sure to consult with your doctor.

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