Went for the money, video interview new IFBB Pro Roman Yushchenko

After a convincing victory in Alicante on Spain 2019 Amateur Olympia, where Ukrainian champion Roman Yushchenko (Roman Iushchenko) became absolute in the categories of Bodybuilding, he spoke about this trip and about the situation in bodybuilding at all. Interview with new member of the League of the IFBB Professional League took the GI portal, which is a novel told some of the details of their training. Now Yushchenko trains in Ukraine, sometimes in the famous water Park, for photography where he has made this PostScript:

In this place, under the open sky, 16 years ago, I began my bodybuilding classes. When I come here, in my head involuntarily spin around memories from the past and thoughts about what a long way I have already passed… now I can raise here any bar, although once I thought it impossible 😂 actually everything in our life is real important to stay true to their dream and to be patient… very patient.
This information is for thought to those who want to bulk up for half a year

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