The speech of Oleg Kryvoho depends on the visa to Ireland

Ukrainian champion in the category of bodybuilding 212 lb from Ternopil Oleg Kryvy is going to perform in less than three weeks in the tournament Musclecontest Ireland 2019, in Limerick, Ireland. On 6 April there will be held competitions of the Federation IFBB/NPC Amateur and professional divisions of the League Jim Manion. Judging by hastega visit Oleg’s Instagram, he’s earned the right to sit in the category of IFBB Pro League Men’s Bodybuilding 212, but still have not received a visa to enter the country of the tournament. The athlete believes that everything will work out and in this he was supported in the comments of the organizers Musclecontest Ireland. His motivation Oleg expressed words under the photo of an actual form:

Perhaps today life dernulas from you, I ti Dumas, if luck Tobi poshness. Life can pokazatsya Tobi carstocea of the game! Want skazati, scho ti navti not predstavlyal, Yak happiness you occu, if ti is not sasisa. Beregi urnst their Mriya’s. Robie is, that twoh forces dwellers salicicola functions in the game. In you je Seeley. Ti mozhesh Smythe VSI obstavini in svom it. Need to sniti lachey spravzhnyu CL, and then vinicne big lags I sunk into our hearts in your city! W tsogo time all life bude pavlyna tions CL. Go green! ahead before scho ti bagas more for everything! In ostannyoho, friend…”JUST IN”… ##alezha

We wish our athletes the best performance in the April Ireland!

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