The prank Kai Greene handed out 100 pairs of athletic shoes

Popular bodybuilder and three-time Olympia winner Kai Greene (Kai Greene) recently changed his appearance beyond recognition and wearing a suit, which, he wrote, made him look like Samuel L. Jackson (Samuel L. Jackson). Green went to him for Derrimut gym in Australia, communicating with visitors, and even did yoga with the women. Of course, he was known to several people, but all this should contribute to the launch of a new training Shoe called “D-Mac Block” Australian company Ryderwear. Green says that the distribution of shoes really were a way “to bring young and promising bodibildingom in the community.” Kai Greene gave away 100 pairs of this Shoe to random people and aspiring athletes.

“Disguised Kai: you’d know it was me? To celebrate the launch of the new @ryderwear D-Mak, we’ve had some fun with visitors and the team Derrimut Gym”.

So wrote green in his Instagram, where more than five million subscribers.

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