The grandson of IFBB President Manion announces the start of amateur tournaments tomorrow

NPC Battle Of The Bodies 2020
Tyler Manion is the vice president of the NPC Amateur Federation, which has had to postpone many of the competitions planned this year due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The bodybuilding community and its fans were disappointed with this situation, but now that the spread of disease has slowed, everything is slowly returning to normal. States begin to open sports clubs and allow sporting events. In preparation for tournaments, the NPC will follow the quarantine rules. The first competition, according to Tyler on Instagram, will take place this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On June 6, representatives of all amateur categories will enter the Battle of the Bodies 2020 stage. Spectators will be allowed to the venue of the tournament. NPC encourages iron sports fans to come and support the athletes who will be participating in the show. Ticket prices for visiting the NPC Battle Of The Bodies:
$ 25 – Pre-judging $ 45 – Finals $ 90 – Pre-judging & Finals VIP Combo (front and center seating) $ 175 – Backstage pass, pre-judging and finals general admission tickets
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