Strange refereeing at Monsterzym Pro 2019

Monsterzym Pro 2019

Dave Polumbo of the RxMuscle portal posted a video that drew attention to the strange refereeing in the IFBB Professional League. At the Monsterzym Pro 2019 tournament this weekend in Seoul, British heavyweight champion Nathan DeAsha became the champion, and U.S. athlete Juan Morel was only second. The video shows that the American is in better shape, although it looks smaller than the winner selected. But in the judges' records, DeAsh at the beginning was only the third, and with equal points according to the results of the competition he became the first. Perhaps, according to Dave, this was a strong-willed decision of the chief judge of Monsterzym Pro 2019. Whatever the case, $ 15,000 and the qualification for the next show, Mr. Olympia 2020, are received by Nathan, who has been sentenced to one year for trading in steroids.

Monsterzym Pro 2019

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