Slimming Smoothie in a Blender

Today smoothie cocktails are insanely popular and famous. Such a drink, containing a small amount of calories, energizes for the whole day. Nutritionists note that vegetable and fruit crops do not lose useful substances in the cooking process, and also allow you to forget about hunger for a long time. A smoothie diet is the best way to lose weight. In the article we will consider the most interesting ways to make weight loss smoothies in a blender.

Useful features

The drink is popular among people involved in sports and health. It not only saturates for the whole day, but also tidies up the metabolism, and most importantly – does not cause heaviness in the stomach. So it is even possible to replace a full meal during the diet.

There are two types of diet:

Gentle, in which the 1st meal is replaced by a drink.
It’s tough when you use pure smoothies all week.

However, there are contraindications. These are various intestinal diseases, anorexia and bulimia.

For breakfast

Please note that in the proposed cocktails we use only low-fat dairy products.

A healthy invigorating drink will be a great start to the day, will energize you until the evening and will not create a feeling of discomfort in your stomach.


apple (it is better to take unsweetened varieties);
bran (you need a couple of tablespoons);
spirulina (st.spoons will be required);
greens to taste (cilantro, spinach or mint are suitable, both together and in one form).

Whip all of the above with the addition of 0.1 l of water.

breakfast smoothie

Curd cheese


250g cottage cheese.
50ml cooled black coffee.
3 tablespoons coconut flakes.
Honey (at your discretion).

With cereal and coconut:

150g cottage cheese;
two tablespoons steamed oat flakes;
150ml coconut milk;
two tablespoons coconut flakes.

Milk mix:

100g cottage cheese;
150ml fermented baked milk;
two tablespoons nuts;
teaspoon carob or cocoa.

Stir the ingredients and beat.

curd smoothie


Very rich in protein. It will help speed up the metabolism and feel full for as long as possible.

With broccoli:

100g broccoli inflorescences.
200g spinach.
From 20 to 100 ml of cow's milk.
Lemon fresh.
Spoon sweetener. or less.

With wheat:

Spinach with dill in a bunch.
Grains of wheat (volume at its discretion).
Water without gas (to adjust the density).

With kiwi:

Mint optional.
A pair of lemon slices.
Spinach 5-10 sheets.
Dietary sweetener teaspoon.

Rinse and puree the ingredients until the yogurt is thick.

Banana Lime:

two tablespoons of lime fresh;
200 ml of milk.

We fall asleep in a bowl, make a cocktail.

Banana Citrus:

a couple of bananas (if they are large, then 1 is enough);
spinach bunch;
fresh two oranges or grapefruits.

Mix everything and turn into mashed potatoes.

banana citrus smoothie

Detox smoothie

Celery is best for cleansing, because it not only removes toxins, but also cleanses the digestive tract.

Need a bunch of celery and 3-4 pcs. green apples. Peel and peel the fruit and chop it. Mix and mash everything.


It is easy to prepare, great for fasting days.

With butter:

Cucumber and apple, by the way.
Fresh ½ lime.
10ml olive oil.
Mint leaves, salt and pepper are optional.

Special Detox:

Cucumber 2-3 pcs.
Celery 150g.
Apple (it is better not to take red).

Peel the cucumber and the apple, remove the seeds from the latter. Dip the blend and chop.

cucumber smoothie

Kefir cucumber

A couple of cucumbers.
150ml kefir.
Any greens.


A sprig of dill.
Sprig of parsley.
A tomato.
Lettuce to choose from.
100 ml of yogurt.
Soy sauce to taste.

Cut the cucumber, chop the greens. Next, add kefir / yogurt, whisk for two minutes. Your slimming and cleansing smoothie is ready.

cucumber kifir smoothie


If you want to not only lose weight, but also cleanse your body, then try these recipes.

With pomegranate:

Orange juice is a glass.
Grain – to taste.

With raspberries:

Boiled beets 70g.
Raspberry 200g.
Mint 2-3l.
Pasteurized milk 30ml.

beet and raspberry smoothie

With greens:

Beets and carrots, by the way.
Half a radish.
30g parsley.
The juice of half a lemon.
250ml of pure water.

With ginger:

Apple 2-3 pcs.
65g celery.
Ginger root one cm.

Peel and chop vegetable and fruit crops. Beat with the addition of orange fresh / milk / water and other components.

beetroot smoothie

Slimming smoothie recipes for a blender

Recipes will help in weight loss. The taste of a cocktail may be specific at times, but they are saturated with vitamins and micronutrients.


It will help remove excess water from internal systems, which is very important when dropping a kilogram. It contains a minimum of calories.

You will need:

zucchini and cucumber without peel, cut into cubes;
spices in the form of salt, coriander and ground pepper.

Combine and beat everything.

squash smoothie

Lose Weight With Green Tea

The main component helps to remove excess water from the body, reduce the feeling of the city, energize it for the whole day.


A cup of brewed tea.
2 kiwis.
Lemon juice.


150ml cooled fresh tea.
On a table spoon of oat bran and flax seeds.
A couple of slices of pineapple.


150ml freshly brewed rooms. tea temperature.
30gr blueberries or raspberries.
2 teaspoon flaxseed.
100ml grows. milk.
Honey as you like.

Mix and mash everything.

pineapple smoothie with green tea


They help in the fight against hated body fat, as well as toxins. As a result, the state of the body improves, which is immediately visible on the skin and hair of a person.

Grapefruit-pineapple with celery:

Grapefruit, slices of pineapple, celery stalks – two pieces each.
A spoonful of honey.

Cut grapefruit and celery, then mix all the ingredients in a blender.

Citrus Blast:

Orange (if small, then two).
Halves of lemon and lime.
Half a cup of pineapple.
Ginger root 1-2 cm.
Turmeric 1 pinch.
Sea buckthorn 2 tablespoons.
One hundred ml of water.

Squeeze juice from citrus fruits, add the remaining products and beat. If a strongly acidic drink, add honey.

grapefruit smoothie


They have a very low calorie content. When they are cooked, sweet fruits are not used, and dairy products with a high fat content and dried fruits are not added.

Carrot and apple

Recipe 1:

A pair of apples.
Lettuce leaves.
For dilution – pure water.

Recipe 2:

Fresh halves of lemon.
200ml kefir / yogurt.

Chop up solid ingredients and add liquid ingredients. Beat until smooth.

Carrot & Apple Smoothie


It helps to say goodbye to fat, as it is easily digested. Such a smoothie for weight loss and body cleansing is piquant and quite unusual.

Cabbage and celery:

Ornamental cabbage.
A glass of broccoli.
Celery 50g.
Apple juice – 100ml.

Cut cabbage leaves into pieces, chop celery. Add broccoli there and pour apple juice on it. Beat a couple of minutes.

Cabbage Mix:

Inflorescences of broccoli and cauliflower in a glass.
Juice of one grapefruit.
Flax seeds teaspoon
Almonds 5 pieces.
Pitted dates 4-5 pcs.

Soak almonds in juice. We put everything in a bowl and mashed. If the mass is too thick, add up to half a glass of water.

cabbage smoothie

Cabbage raspberry:

One hundred grams of cabbage and raspberries.
200 ml of nonfat milk.

Chop cabbage and chop together with raspberries. Next, add milk and beat.

Banana Cabbage:

Ground ordinary cabbage – a glass.
30g parsley.
100 ml of water.

In cabbage, remove hard patches. Peel and chop the fruit. Puree with added water.

banana cabbage smoothie

For proper nutrition

Healthy nutrition is one of the components of beauty and vitality, as well as the prevention of various diseases. We recommend a number of options that fit the basics of proper nutrition.

Sea buckthorn

It is recommended to use before playing sports. Great for invigorating. It is required:

Orange fresh;
one hundred grams of sea buckthorn.

Squeeze the juice from the berries, add the rest and beat.

Sea Buckthorn Smoothie


Citrus Berry:

Raspberries and strawberries one hundred grams.
Half a grapefruit.

Berry Orange:

Blueberries 100g.
Low fat yogurt 200g.
Orange fresh 200ml.
Honey teaspoon.

Berry Orange Smoothie

With kefir:

Kefir 200g.
Berries any 30g.
Honey as you like.

Strawberry Mint:

200 g of strawberries.
Mint optional.
200ml low-fat milk.
Honey 10 g.

Wash the berries, peel the fruits (if there is a prescription), place the ingredients in a bowl and puree.

Strawberry Mint Smoothie

Exotic but delicious Kiwi

Option 1:

Kiwi, apple and cucumber apiece.
Spinach 60g.
Watercress 50.
Peppermint 10 leaves.

Option 2:

A couple of kiwi.
Watercress 100g.
Seedless green grapes 100g.
Yogurt 200ml.
Honey according to your preferences.

Peel fruits, chop greens, mashed everything.

smoothie with kiwi


Ideal for vegetarians, because they lack the components of animal origin.


150 g tofu;
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
a glass of soy milk.

Puree all components, except oil, with a blender. Then add oil and beat for another minute.

Another option involves the use of such ingredients:

oatmeal (2 tablespoons required);
favorite berries (a handful is enough);
a glass of soy milk;
teaspoon grains of poppy seeds and flaxseeds;
honey and vanillin optionally.

After mixing the mass, let it stand for 4-8 hours. Only then beat with a blender.

Smoothies – a great drink to lose weight and keep yourself in good shape. Another advantage of it, besides utility, is the ability to change components and combine them as you like. It is also a great alternative to pastries and sweets. Do not be afraid to experiment, try new things, because only this way you can find the perfect taste for yourself.


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