Slimming Ginger Tea

Among the spices that are traditionally used for weight loss, it is worth highlighting the root of ginger. It is becoming increasingly popular due to the widespread enthusiasm for sushi and Japanese cuisine in general. Very often used for weight loss tea with ginger. This is one of the most effective recipes for getting rid of extra pounds. Next, we will consider several options for using this plant, among which you will definitely find the most suitable for yourself.

How to make the weight loss process more effective

Be sure to consider the following points:

With the help of spices alone it is impossible to lose weight, you need to make efforts in other aspects of life – try to take into account the calorie recommended for your weight, age and level of activity, connect moderate physical activity, walk more.
Choose high quality products. If you buy ginger root for weight loss, and not for other purposes, take only fresh and chop it yourself. Do not get ground, most likely, he has already lost most of his useful properties. The exception is organic powders produced by major brands you can trust.
Do not neglect proper preparation. Before use, rinse the ginger well, peel it, soak it in clean water (about an hour).

tea with ginger and additives

Beneficial features

Ginger root contains a huge amount of substances useful for human health – only about four hundred, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. He is capable of:

Normalize digestion.
Stimulate blood circulation.
Improve metabolism.
Boost immunity.
Favorably affect the nervous system.
Reduce the level of cortisol in the body.
Reduce appetite.

ginger root


Do not use ginger tea for weight loss with:

The presence of diseases of the digestive tract and liver, for example, with an ulcer, hepatitis or gastritis.
Elevated body temperature.
Taking sugar-lowering drugs (enhances the effect).
Taking pills to reduce blood pressure, stimulants of the heart muscle, etc.
Stroke, heart attack, abdominal surgery, in late pregnancy (in the second and third trimesters) and during breastfeeding.
Early childhood.

Herbal remedies can be no less dangerous than medicines from a pharmacy. Therefore, before taking them, you must carefully study the available contraindications.

The components of the recipe of the most effective method with ginger for weight loss

There are a lot of recipes for tea with ginger for weight loss, and most of them use additional ingredients. But the simplest is the following.


You will need a teaspoon of chopped ginger and a glass of hot water.


Infuse the root for about ten minutes, then you can add a natural sweetener to taste (optimally choose stevia).


Such tea can be consumed up to three times a day, but the last dose should not be later than four in the afternoon – otherwise the sleep schedule may go astray.

With a healthy stomach and good health, the drink can be taken on an empty stomach for a month or two. Combining it with a light diet, you will surely achieve your goal and can make your figure more attractive, losing up to three kilograms per month. Health promotion will be a bonus.

girl is drinking tea


Instead of water, in this recipe you can use green and black tea, rosehip or chamomile infusion, and even hibiscus. As additives are suitable:

lemon (or other citrus);
clove of garlic;
hot peppers.

It is impossible to choose one recipe for the “right” remedy. But it is tea that can be called the easiest to prepare, taste good and really help to lose weight.


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