Slimming Belt: Pros and Cons

Being overweight is a problem for many people. It does not look aesthetically pleasing, which is why we feel insecure, as well as extra pounds are harmful to the body. Nowadays, a lot of tools have been invented for gaining a slim figure. Of course, proper nutrition and training are at the top of the list, but there are helper methods that also need not be ignored. One of them is a slimming belt.

The modern media presents a slimming belt as an accessory that can almost instantly remove body fat from the waist. In addition, according to advertisers, it has simply miraculous health properties, and there is a considerable share of truth in this. Let's try to figure out what kind of belt.

Varieties of Accessory

Each type of belt has certain functions that you must familiarize yourself with before buying:

Massage. Inside are special rollers. Due to vibration, they:

tone the skin;
help relax the muscles;
relieve fatigue.

Thermal. The fabric from which the product is made has a thermal effect. Effective only in the presence of physical exertion – fat leaves due to the heat that appears during active movement.
Belt sauna. It works on the principle of thermal, with the only difference being that heating does not occur from movement, but from the battery or mains.
Miostimulators. Pulses are generated that affect the tissue. According to the manufacturers, stimulating the abdominal muscles in a short time will help to find a beautiful silhouette.
Combined. If you analyze the reviews of slimming belts, this type is considered the most effective. It acts both thermally and vibrationally.

running with a belt for weight loss

Common Slimming Belt Myths

The skin is sweating – the fat has melted

This is not true. If you wrap a waist with a neoprene belt, then the sweat will be released locally, but not evaporate. It should be noted that:

Sweat consists of water, but only 10% of the total volume is in the fat depot. Internal abdominal fat deposits do not participate in this.
Subcutaneous fat cells are not completely dehydrated, and the body begins to urgently replenish the fluid balance.
Fat does not break down, because hormones that are responsible for this are not produced.
Sweating is a process that consumes quite a bit of energy, especially if only a small area of ​​the body sweats under the belt.
Frequent use can lead to skin irritation.

If passively stimulate the muscles, the abdomen will become flat

This is also a mistake. With reflex contractions of the lower part of the press, the abdomen will not decrease in volume, but if you use myostimulants correctly after exercise, this will help:

Prevent the development of local feces.
To form the readiness of the muscles of the press for a more serious load in the future.
Increase neuromuscular interaction.
Improve your tone.
Increase the elasticity of the upper layers of the epidermis.
Human stamina.
Muscle strength.

The effect of the belt on cellulite

Belts will not help to get rid of excess weight in individual parts of the body, fat cells will not lose reserves, and, therefore, cellulite also will not go anywhere. The effect of massage effects of some models can have a positive effect, but it depends on many factors, including nutrition and lifestyle.

Even deep hardware and manual massages are not always effective in the fight against cellulite. Therefore, it is very difficult to say how useful the belt will be.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

Let's start with the advantages of a belly slimming belt:

Urine and sweat gradually remove excess fat deposits from problem areas.
Muscle is strengthened, making it harder to get a bruise or stretch in training.
The intestines and stomach begin to work better.
The skin is tightened, it becomes smoother.
Slag and toxins come out of the body.

In general, the harm from such a belt with reasonable use is minimal, if you pay attention to contraindications. It is worth refusing to wear when:

pregnancy and breastfeeding;
diseases of the female reproductive system;
dermatological problems – otherwise skin irritations may occur;
varicose veins;
nervous disorders.

Buy or not

If you decide to buy such a belt for yourself, it is important not to overestimate its capabilities and understand that it will not burn fat and does not relieve cellulite, but it will be useful for the body differently. Therefore, with proper nutrition and regular training, this product will be a good helper in achieving the shape of your dreams.


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