Rules of fitness training for weight loss on a treadmill

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Rules of fitness training for weight loss on a treadmill

The contents

  • Rules for conducting fitness workouts on the treadmill
  • Features of the modes of paths for the selection of physical activity
  • Fitness program running

The need for weight loss is a problem for many modern people leading a sedentary lifestyle and are not accustomed to indulge in the delicious food. Excess body fat not only spoil the appearance, but also negatively affect the internal organs, increasing the risk of development of pathologies and reduced life expectancy. Therefore, it is important to take care of your health and begin the process of losing weight. This should be done in a complex, changing your diet in favor of healthy eating and increasing physical activity.

For fitness do not necessarily go to the gym to lift heavy weights. For the first time, you can choose cardio-load, for example, training on a treadmill. This machine is in most sports centres, in addition, it is always possible to buy a home to have regular workout and not spend time on the road to the hall. To classes gave good results, it is necessary to have some idea of the treadmill and complete fitness programs.

Rules for conducting fitness workouts on the treadmill

Regular training on a treadmill combined with proper nutrition will improve the overall stamina of the body, acceleration of metabolic processes, reduces the appearance of cellulite and strengthen the respiratory and cardiovascular system. It is important to remember that aerobic physical exercise is mainly aimed at burning fat is to create a beautiful relief and increase the amount of muscle it is capable of. Therefore, if the main purpose is sports figure, without additional strength training will not do.

Sessions on a treadmill are considered easier in comparison with Jogging on the street, therefore, to enhance fiznagruzki you need to experiment with speed and angle of incline. But the undoubted advantage of shell is that the classes do not have to cancel due to heavy rain or frost, you can engage in on a daily basis, paying no attention to external conditions.

Beginners, never run before, it is recommended to start with 10-15 minute runs. As addiction to physical activity their duration gradually increased to 40-60 minutes, without any stops or speed reduction. The first time, even 5 minutes can seem endless, but it is important to remember that the body definitely adapts and fitness training will bring you pleasure.

In the classroom it is important to avoid the following error:

  • To rely on the handrails.

Support shifting the center of gravity, and exercise turns on the hands, reducing the effectiveness of the training. Therefore, when running to better keep the arms bent near the body and actively move them in time with the movement of the legs.

  • To train in the same rhythm and intensity.

It is important to remember that the body quickly gets used to the loads and ceases to respond. We must increase the intensity of training either, apart from the monotonous running, use the interval technique.

  • It is wrong to breathe.

This is a common problem for beginners using the mouth breathing. To avoid pain in his side and shortness of breath, you must breathe through the nose, making frequent but smooth and deep breaths. If you breathe only a nose is very difficult, allowed the use of an intermediate option, where the inhalation is through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.

  • To do if you feel unwell.

During illness or at the first signs of sickness a fitness workout better to skip and wait until the body recovers.

  • Fast to start.

Lesson sure to start with an easy warm up, a few hundred meters walk, gradually passing to running, and then accelerate to the desired temp.

Getting to the workouts, no need to set ourselves impossible tasks, such as losing weight to 10-15 kg per month. The weight will go gradually but you should immediately tune in, it will have to run for several months.

Features of the modes of paths for the selection of physical activity

Many modern treadmills have built in programs for training. But, as practice shows, very often it is necessary to form an independent plan, to be able to take into account their capabilities and features. Conventionally, there are three modes of fitness:

  • Walking.

Relevant to workout and also suitable for people with large body mass. It is important to remember that when a large number of excess fat running places excessive stress on the joints, damaging them. Therefore people are advised to start with a long walk, as a more gentle method of weight loss. This is also suitable unsportsmanlike people over 40 and those who have recently suffered a trauma or operation.

  • Walking with a tilt.

You can significantly enhance the physical load on the muscles, simulating an uphill climb. Changing the angle of the web, you can pick up the intensity of the classes according to their possibilities.

  • Run.

In this mode switching, when the speed exceeds 10 km/h. the Movement begins, starting with a sock, then land on the heel, roll the entire surface of the foot and push off again with your fingers. When the body adapts to the chosen rhythm, you can increase the speed or increase the angle of the blade.

In the process of running necessary to keep the body upright, avoiding rounding the back or pushing chin to your chest. Upon completion of the fitness classes the speed slow down, walking and waiting for a complete stop of the machine. You should not jump off the tracks during the movement — this may result in injury.

Fitness program running

The most productive way of losing weight is considered to be interval running. Fitness program for beginners as follows:

  • Walking for 3 minutes;
  • Jogging at a fast pace — 1 minute.

These segments alternate with 6-7 times; finish the workout with a walk. Gradually, the intervals decrease, and the run increase, achieving the interim ratio of 1:1. The total duration of interval training should not exceed 30 minutes.

Lesson plan for 10 weeks of interval running as follows:

  • 2 min running/ 2 min walking, repeat 7 times, a total of 28 min.;
  • 3 min running/ 2 min walking, repeat 5 times total 25 minutes;
  • 4 min run/ 2 min walk, repeat 4 times, for a total of 24 min;
  • 6 min run/ 2 min walk, repeat 3 times total 24 minutes;
  • 8 min run/ 90 sec walk, repeat 3 times, for a total of 28.5 min.;
  • 9 min run/ 90 sec walk, repeat 2 times, a total of 21 min.;
  • 11 min run/ 90 sec walk, repeat 2 times 25 minutes;
  • 14 min run/1 min walk/15 min run, 25 min.;
  • 15 min running/ 1 min walking/ 15 minutes Jogging, 30 minutes;
  • A quick run continuously for 30 min.
  • Interval running is recommended to do not more than 2-3 times a week, the rest of the time you can use monotonous cardio with a duration of 40-60 minutes. The proposed fitness program is one of the things, in the process, the time intervals can be changed, adjusting them for yourself.

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