Rafael Brandao prepares for Flex Lewis for 2020

Rafael brandao
Rafael Brandao is considered a promising athlete in the world of bodybuilding and he expects to reach a new level in 2020 with the help of Flex Lewis (James Flex Lewis). Brandao is widely known outside of his native Brazil for his incredible physique, because he manages to find a balance between being aesthetically pleasing and at the same time very muscular. Therefore, at 26, he is considered a bodybuilder, which you need to follow now. On the other hand, Raphael’s affairs are not doing so well so far. Having started his professional career in 2017, he has not yet won a single pro-tournament. Although the Brazilian came very close to this at the beginning of the year, taking second place at the Arnold Classic festival in South America. While training at The Dragons Lair in Florida, he worked hard to improve his overall volume. There he received help from Olympia champion 212 lb Flex Lewis and his friend Jon De La Rosa. In some videos, you can see how much Raphael is improving and how much more is before the 2020 season.
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