Protein 80 Plus Weider

Protein complex, Protein 80 Plus Weider speeds up recovery and increase muscle mass. Protein-based supplements consist of dairy, casein, whey protein. Each variety has its own rate of absorption. This allows us to provide nutritious protein environment after administration of the complex for the next five or six hours.

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Effects from taking

Supplementation helps:

  • the increase in muscle dry weight and higher strength;
  • increase speed of regenerative processes;
  • to improve performance and endurance training;
  • the suppression of catabolic processes;
  • to improve the prominence of the musculature.

High efficiency is achieved through a long action, because the protein feeds the body exercising 5-6 hours after ingestion.


100g of complex protein gives the athlete:

  • 370 calories;
  • To 83.3 grams of protein;
  • 5.5 g of carbohydrates;
  • 2G fat;
  • More than 20g of BCAA.

The main advantage of protein sports nutrition is that it contains almost no fat and carbohydrates. This allows you to take the Supplement even for weight loss.

How to take Protein 80 Plus

The specialists of the manufacturer is recommended to use a day from one and up to three servings. Each contains 30 grams. The number of methods determined by the need for protein. Diluted portion of water or milk (250-350 ml). The best time for drinking a cocktail is considered to be one and a half hours before training and immediately after training. Free physical activities the days the complex is used in the morning and between individual meals.

Many athletes take Protein 80 in conjunction with other supplements that enhance the action of the complex:

  • creatine for faster muscle growth and improve strength;
  • amino acid complex BCAA for faster recovery after workouts and endurance training;
  • L-carnitine to improve the quality of the bump and burning excess subcutaneous fats.

To boost calorie when gain weight in a portion of the cocktail add bananas. To accept a package recommended on a regular basis. From supplements are no contraindications. A mixture of various proteins are well digested and assimilated.


Weider is one of the best companies in the sports nutrition market. Supplements of this manufacturer are characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness. The athletes who take Protein Supplement 80, mostly are positive. Athletes is quite low in fat, carbohydrates, affordable cost, excellent solubility and excellent quality.

Protein Supplement is produced with fifteen different flavors. Judging by the reviews, the most popular are vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate. Athletes least like cappuccino, raspberry cream, tiramisu. To gain weight, bodybuilders recommend drinking a Supplement before bedtime. This allows for decent muscle growth.

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