Pro League Card Responsibility Clarified

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The Jim Manion League NPC / Pro League recently published a press release on its official website regarding professional cards. The press release basically shows that the NPC / Pro League can, if necessary, deny any pro-athlete professional status. The press release was sent to athletes, referees and promoters of the NPC / Pro League and NPC Worldwide. The NPC / Pro League also insists that a Pro League athlete cannot compete, judge, or promote a competition unless authorized by the NPC / Pro League. Another important message in the press release was directed to athletes who allowed their professional card to expire or decided not to renew it. If an athlete expires or does not renew his professional card, and then continue to compete, judge or advertise competitions not authorized by the NPC / Pro League, then he must re-earn his professional status by competing through the NPC Worldwide Pro Qualifier. It seems that the NPC / Pro League wants to make sure that athletes, representatives and referees understand the rules and responsibilities for obtaining NPC / Pro League status.

The Shawn Rhoden dispute can be used as an example if you have any questions about this press release. 2018 Olympia winner Sean Roden was denied. to participate in the 2019 AMI show, and he was also removed from the Arnold Classic USA list of participants in 2020 due to rape allegations made against him. It was also reported that Sean Roden has not yet extended his Pro League card. Bob Cicherillo confirmed that as of November 6, 2019, Sean Roden was not a member of the NPC / Pro League. This may be due to the fact that the NPC / Pro League refused to renew the pro-status of Sean Rodin until he clears his name with regard to rape allegations. . (tagsToTranslate) Jim Manion (t) Jim Manion (t) NPC (t) IFBB Pro League (t) pro-map

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