Power fitness for women: workouts and tips for training


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Power fitness for women: workouts and tips for training

The contents

  • The benefits and advantages of power training fitness for women
  • Contraindications to exercise with the extra weight
  • Recommendations on the organization of power fitness workouts for women

Many women, caffeine, ignoring heavy power exercises with additional weight, and work in machines with a lot of resistance. They do it out of fear to the pump and make a masculine figure. However, women are rightly afraid of such consequences in weight training because their body has very little testosterone, the hormone responsible for the active growth of muscle mass.

The benefits and advantages of power training fitness for women

Fitness workout that uses weights, have the following advantages:

  • with the help of this training women can get rid of subcutaneous fat and strengthen muscle fibers. It is possible that the scales will change slightly as muscle is heavier than fat, but apparently the figure will look more slim and toned. In addition, such fitness workout prevents saggy and loose skin after a rapid reduction of excess weight and reduce visible signs of cellulite;
  • power fitness classes enhance the functionality of the so-called muscular corset that supports the spine and the entire skeleton and all internal organs in anatomically correct position. Having a strong core, women can improve posture and prevent the development of many diseases;
  • as a result of regular perform strength exercises strengthens bone tissue and improves the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • working with the extra weight, women significantly increase strength of muscles and such physical abilities as endurance, coordination, agility and balance;
  • to conduct fitness activities do not have to go to the gym. Quite successfully you can do at home by purchasing a collapsible dumbbells and a few weights. This set of sports equipment women would be sufficient to form a slim trim figure.

Contraindications to exercise with the extra weight

Despite all the benefits of power fitness training before you start work it is required to consult a medical specialist. It is necessary to detect diseases that can become an obstacle to the implementation of power exercises. Among the contraindications are health problems:

  • scoliosis, osteochondrosis and other degenerative changes of the spine;
  • diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and disorders of the endocrine system;
  • gynecological diseases, as well as pregnancy, periods of menstruation and lactation;
  • diseases and disorders of work of the cardiorespiratory system (heart and pulmonary insufficiency, hypertension, ischemia, arrhythmia, tachycardia, asthma, postinfarction state).

Recommendations on the organization of power fitness workouts for women

To fitness classes brought the maximum benefit, but it does not harm the health of the woman, the fair sex should be guided by several important recommendations when organizing the training process and directly during exercise:

  • choosing sports gear and equipment with which to work, you need to focus on individual physiological peculiarities and problems with the figure, as well as personal preferences.

To refuse to work with a barbell just because it’s supposedly “male” shell is stupid and irrational. Include in the plan of the training exercises with a variety of shells, you can work out different muscle groups, to diversify the load and introduce an element of novelty in the training process;

  • the mass of shells and the number of repetitions in each set depends on the initial level of fitness and ultimate goal of carrying out fitness activities.

If the goal of training effective weight loss, every movement must be performed in 3 sets of 15-25 times, using projectiles weighing 0.5 to 1 kg To form a clear and beautiful relief muscles should increase the weights weight up to 2 kg and reduce the number of repetitions to 10 in each of the 3 approaches. In any case, you need to follow a strategy involving the use in the initial stages the minimum operating weight with its subsequent increase;

  • each session should begin with warm-up.

It prepares the body to heavy loads and thereby increases the efficiency of training and reduces the risk of injury during exercise. Quality warm-up should consist of light cardio, joint exercises and warm-up approach of the basic movements fitness programs, which must be performed without weight or with minimum weights;

  • adherence to proper technique execution of the training movements ensures you receive a positive result.

If the exercise is done incorrectly, it not only does not give the expected effect, but also significantly increases the risk of injury;

  • the duration of each exercise should be 40-60 minutes including warm-up perform exercises.

The optimal schedule of classes 2-3 times a week because muscles need time (48-72 hours) to recover. The rest period between classes is extremely important as this is the time muscles grow and develop. To do long breaks between workouts is not recommended – so muscles wean stress;

  • on the background of the military fitness training necessary to adhere to a special diet, which should correspond to purpose of training.

If working with weights is to increase muscle size, the caloric intake may be slightly more than the daily rate. If the goal is reducing excess weight, daily calorie intake should be reduced to normal. The basis of the diet should be foods rich in protein and slow carbs.

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