Phil Heath wants to return as a hero

Phil heath

Phil Heath decided not to compete in 2019, but now he hopes to return to the bodybuilding scene in 2020. Heath is a seven-time winner of the Mr. Olympia show and was a shock to everyone when he was overthrown by Sean Roden in 2018. After that, he decided to withdraw from the competition for a year in order to regain his health and recover. Despite the fact that Heath recently had the opportunity to return, he remained aloof. However, the athlete has now announced that he will return to Mr. 2020 in 2020. Olympia and in an interview for RXMuscle, he confirmed his intentions.

So, for about two months, I think: “Well, I do not do the show, how will I feel?” Will I start to experience preliminary emotions, such as “Ah, man, that sucks” ?? Then I realized: “Phil, you haven’t had a summer since 2007, man. Take advantage of this time and be like a cat who trains and eats. So take this time.

As Phil Heath explained, his body was still able to compete on Olympia. This was evident from his photos on social networks. However, he explained that his body was only on autopilot from all tournaments for so many years. Although he thought about coming to the competition, he decided to stay at home. He realized that he could probably win this year, and get a big reward. Nevertheless, he says that he managed to understand how much other work he did to maintain financial stability, even without competition on stage.

“Until 2020, much must come into line. I talked quite a lot about this with Dan Solomon a couple of times before Olympia. For me, everything should be in the right order, because it should be a big enterprise. How marketing should be set up for me in a certain way, and I don’t mean that it should be one-way, it just has to be done in a certain way. ”

Phil explained that he was portrayed as a villain in bodybuilding in recent times. Therefore, he must return and sell in the right direction. In addition, he may even want to become a real hero this time.



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