Phil Heath trains and poses with US Marine Corps veterans

Phil heath
Phil Heath (Phil Heath) – one of the greatest bodybuilders who have ever participated in competitions, won seven times at Olympia. His triumphant series was interrupted only by stomach problems and Sean Roden in 2018. After this performance, he announced that he would have free time from the stage. Even after the aforementioned Rodin was also forced to abandon Olympia, Phil remained firm in his desire to continue the vacation. And after a month and a half of 2020, Heath still has not announced when he will perform again. Although he revealed the vision of his comeback, as ironflex reported, saying that he was looking for something big where he could grandly return. However, throughout his break, he constantly trained and still looks massive. He was also shown excellent condition recently when Phil Heath met with veterans. In a recent video of the 7th squad of U.S. Marines has been shown how Phil trains and teaches bodybuilding for some US Marine veterans. Then, at the end of the video, he teaches them how to pose, and looks great in doing this.

Heath begins classes with these gentlemen early at 5:30 in the morning to get to the gym and start training by 6:00. He begins to teach them the correct flexion technique before moving on to push-ups. Then they continue with squats, lunges, and then end with the bar. After a hard workout, Phil then shows men how to perform competitive bodybuilding poses, and he does them with them. And, although it is still unclear when fans will see Heath on stage, one thing is certain – he is still very serious about bodybuilding and training, even when he is engaged with veterans.
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