Phil Heath demonstrates massive biceps

Phil heath
Phil Heath has long been the best bodybuilder in the world. At 40, he still has the same advantage that he recently decided to show. Heath had one of the most powerful careers in bodybuilding history. The winner of the Mr. Olympia show is fantastic seven times in a row, he was ousted from the throne in 2018, taking second place after Shawn Rhoden. Since then, the athlete rested and prepared for a triumphant return to the scene. However, there are rumors that a return may not be necessary. Although Heath recently mentioned that he still wants his return to be a big event and he doesn’t mess around in his free time. Despite the fact that he has not yet announced his next competition, Phil does serious work in the gym and looked massive. Heath showed his fans what he does at Armbrust Pro Gym in a recent pair of Instagram posts. The first shows that he is standing in front of the gym mirror and flexing his biceps. To say that he looks huge would be an understatement.

"ARMafuggingeddon !!!! Have a nice day !!!!" – the athlete wrote.
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