Personal fitness training: advantages and disadvantages

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Personal fitness training: advantages and disadvantages

The contents

  • Features a personalized fitness programs
  • Negative aspects of personal exercises
  • Common myths about personal fitness trainers

People, for the first time decided to do fitness, face many issues in the beginning. The most popular issue is the need to choose a gym, and in particular the format of his visit. For faster and safe involving people in the world of sports fitness centers offer personal training, where a newcomer has become a professional coach individually. As a rule, such classes are paid separately, so many people have doubts in their need. Before you take or refuse a personal fitness programmes, you must examine their features, pros and cons.

Features a personalized fitness programs

When studying individual classes need to remember that there are several types of training:

  • Independent fitness training.

The athlete works alone, without the help of a coach for their own training programs, self-study exercises.

  • Training with a designated coach.

In this case, the instructor helps beginners as required: shows the operation of the equipment, can improve the technique of performing elements. These coaches are paid by the owner of the gym is interested in involvement of new clients and the safety of the beginners.

  • Personal training.

The instructor works only with the man who paid for a private lesson, without the distraction of other people. Explains the technique of execution exercises control of traffic, is the course.

The benefits of personal fitness training include the fact that when you work with a professional trainer, the athlete can count on a guaranteed result. Of course, to achieve the perfect image, which is formed in the mind of many beginners, is often not possible, but to actually achieve goals such as weight loss for a certain number of pounds or increase muscle volume by a few centimeters, it is possible.

Having defined the trainer should arrange with him a schedule and methodology, and also solutions to possible conflict situations. The easiest way to do by the conclusion of the contract, which spells out working conditions and requirements of both parties. It is important to remember that to achieve the desired result, the newcomer will not only have to regularly visit the gym, but also to change your diet and daily routine. There are situations when the athlete begins to accuse the coach of the ineffectiveness of the program, thus violating the established regime and not changing their habits. In addition, the contract can be further defined waiver or consent to the appointment of sports nutrition or dietary supplements, which like to advise many of the coaches.

A common mistake of beginners is the belief that to achieve the desired result only by working with large weights. In reality, the efficiency of the fitness depends on the correct exercise technique. The main task of the trainer is teaching a beginner the correct movements and the ability to concentrate on working the target muscles. The work starts with the minimum weights, technique is brought to perfection, and then proceed to the gradual and consistent increase in physical activity by tracking the body’s response to exercise.

Negative aspects of personal exercises

The sharp increase in interest in sport and a healthy lifestyle led to an increase in the number of people calling themselves fitness trainers and promising quick results in a short period of time. Many beginners wanting to achieve the body of your dreams, go to their classes, and in most cases completely disappointed in the sport. To identify such incompetent professionals beginner athlete can be difficult. Cheerleaders have the following:

  • The lack of personalized programs. Training plan signs a few weeks ahead, it details the exercises to be performed by the athlete. In the course of fitness program can change, adapting to the physical capabilities of man.
  • The lack of results from other wards of this trainer. When choosing a specialist it is recommended to pay attention to those with whom he’s been working: if their results are subtle, it makes sense to wonder about the competence of a specialist.
  • A fitness coach does not record the progress of the athlete. With a large number of clients to keep information about each of them in the head hard enough, so the lack of a diary of activities should be alerted to the newcomer.
  • The coach did not respond to questions concerning training. A professional instructor is able to explain every action, not confining himself to the phrase “as necessary”, therefore, if you encounter such phrases in the conversation, you need to wonder whether a person copies someone else’s program.
  • Unpleasant phenomenon faced by many beginners is that the coach either talks too much or does not come off from the mobile phone. Both extremes should alert the newcomer.
  • Remember that fitness trainer is a person with whom the athlete will have to work closely in the gym, so when it is selected it is important to focus on your own feelings. To be around him to be comfortable, you need to arrange his manner of communication and methods of work.

    Common myths about personal fitness trainers

    Despite the widespread practice of personal fitness programs for beginners in the sport there are many misconceptions about the coaches. To have a more accurate picture of the performance of a professional instructor, you need to consider the most common myths.

    • The instructor knows everything.

    In reality, most coaches adhere to one or two of proven techniques in my classroom, and periodically test new practices. Know all the drills, specialized drugs latest diet and things they shouldn’t.

    • The coach should be the perfect pumped-up body.

    This theory does not always work: the main task of the instructor is teaching a beginner, he is not obliged to keep a strict diet and constantly train for the sake of retaining a perfect shape. It is important to remember that not all people with perfect figure can help create the same to another person.

    • Personal trainers are paid a salary in the gym.

    Most often occurs the opposite situation, when the fitness coach pays rent the hall for the opportunity to train their wards in it. Therefore he is directly interested in the quality performance of their work to attract more customers.

    • The coach must encourage the athlete to weight reduction.

    It is important to remember that in most cases the desire to lose weight is caused by deeper internal causes. Most often it is the desire to gain confidence, to attract the attention of the opposite sex, to set an example. The coach cannot know the internal motivations, so it’s best to find arguments for further work.

    • New exercises do fitness classes as effective as possible.

    In practice, the program consists of several basic exercises, occasionally adding corrective elements.

    Personal fitness program is a great way to quickly integrate and adapt in the world of sports. Usually enough for 10 personal training to understand the equipment and to dismantle the program. In the future you can continue to deal with the coach, or to go to independent trainings.

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