Performance Creatine by San

San Performance Creatine from Supplement to increase physical performance and improve the fullness of the muscles. It is suitable to both Amateurs and prominent athletes. Creatine is completely harmless, does not cause metabolic adaptation, and does not affect the nervous system. He’s in the norm is contained in the food. For example, to obtain the required dosage of creatine a day, you need to eat 3 kg of Atlantic herring. Few people are ready for such feats for the sake of power and muscle growth and training performance. Why people take supplements.

Effects from taking

Supplement can:

  • To improve the pump during a workout;
  • To hold a certain amount of water in the muscles;
  • Contribute to the growth of power;
  • To help in building muscle mass

In front of us with a regular creatine monohydrate. It is recognized as productive, even independent scientific research. Athletes believe that it is one of the few working additives from the world of sports nutrition.

How to take Performance Creatine from San

Uses several:

  • Download;
  • Without downloading;
  • In the composition of the pre-workout and post workout complex

Download take 20 g a day until the muscles are filled with creatine. Normal our body can hold up to 400 g of creatine phosphate. Western sources recommend it is so and eat. Domestic – drinking 20 grams for 5 days and then go to the normal dosage.

Is there any point in downloading? There are scientific studies that confirm its efficacy and refute. The meaning of “boot” is for those who misses methods of creatine, and can forget about the daily dose. This will give some odds the body will improve recovery.

Method without download simple. Drink 2.5-5 g of creatine before workout and after it. Usually in half-hour interval. On non-training day, all 5-10 g in the morning drink, with a sweet juice or another source of simple carbohydrates. There are craftsmen who add creatine to fruit smoothies. The powder is tasteless and only crunches on the teeth. Fortunately, smoothies and juices, do not chew.

Complexes with creatine to speed up anabolic processes are different:

  • 5 g of creatine before and after training plus whey protein 30 g plus CLA;
  • 5 g of creatine with whey protein;
  • Creatine plus beta-alanine, plus arginine before workout, and creatine plus serum, dosages of the same

This particular product is recommended to be taken with the “transport” containing simple carbohydrates. In the role he is likely to face the usual peach or grape juice. Many prefer juice with pulp, so less felt the crystals of creatine monohydrate.

Important: the product is insoluble in water. So it makes no sense to interfere with it in the shaker, or otherwise attempt to dissolve in water.


Product is of good quality. It almost is not fake. The authors of the reviews noted an increase in the weight of approximately 3-4 days after the start of the reception, they notice that an additive is high, and lumps or unpleasant odors when you open the package there is. Professional athletes say that creatine is almost the best, along with the product from “Optimum Nutrician”.

Some fans think it would be easier to take creatine in capsules than stir it into the juice. But it is a matter of individual preference. Regarding training, complaints from the majority.

Many athletes notice that this product is more expensive than a similar “Makler” or Russian brands. This is logical, because quality supplements will be higher. But not all is happy for obvious reasons. A small number of negative reviews due to the additive and not its quality.

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