Patrick Moore gets tattooed and trains with Phil Heath

Patrick moore
Patrick Moore is one of the fastest growing newcomers to the IFBB Pro League professional federation. The young bodybuilder has the potential to dominate this sport in the very near future. After Patrick became a pro in 2017, he began his playing career in 2018 and took eighth place at the California Pro 2018 tournament and 13th place at the New York Pro 2018. 2019 was the year Moore leaves his mark. , because he got the right to play on the main show Mr. Olympia 2019, winning the pro-tournament California Pro, and took a very honorable 10th place on his first Olympia. The 7-time owner of the Sandov figurine, Phil Heath, shared on his social media videos of two training sessions with Moore. With Phil Heath on his side, Patrick can seriously improve by learning from one of the best bodybuilders in the world. In this video below, Phil Heath and Patrick Moore train their hands together. Patrick already looks like he's on the right track to make an impression at the Arnold Classic 2020 festival, while Phil Heath looks incredibly voluminous. American bodybuilder Patrick Moore seeks not only to improve his overall power and balance, but also to get rid of tattoos. He said that he inflicted it with youthful recklessness. He has a rather large tattoo adorning his middle back, chest and arms, now he goes to the clinic of aesthetic medicine and plans to cleanse his body. But this is a rather lengthy process and therefore, at the upcoming Arnold Classic 2020, where he will be on stage in six weeks, of course, part of his tattoo will still be on him.

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