Oleg Kryvy: “I always wanted to be a monster from hell!”

Oleg Kryvy
Ternopol citizen Oleg Kryvy, who planned to enter the season at the Musclecontest Ireland Pro tournament, which was now postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, said the following on the popular social network Instagram:

“I never wanted to be a good guy with a beautiful body. I always wanted to be a monster from hell. "

Oleg, it seems, is well aware of his main strength – a large number of hard muscles, which can strike with powerful venousness. To confirm this, just look at the following photos that this participant of last year's Olympia published over the past few days. No one knows when Kryvy will again compete, as this, of course, will depend on when the situation in the world returns to more normal conditions. But the Ukrainian bodybuilder is training hard, as seen on the video from his Instagram.

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Be the real, be true … only way to change yourself … # Alezh #beast #allornothing #dream #kolizey

Publication by Oleh Kryvyi IFBB PRO (@olehkryvyi)

Mar 28, 2020 at 9:03 PDT

Oleg Kryvy

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