NPC news Worldwide. Competition Wellness 2020

Interesting news from this past weekend tournament Pittsburgh Pro 2019 published on the official website of the Federation NPC/ IFBB. With the following 2020, the division of Wellness will be included in the calendar of all the competitions, namely, NPC, NPC WORLDWIDE and IFBB Professional League. This was announced personally by the President of the League Jim Manion (Jim Manion) in his video below on the news page. Thus, NPC Worldwide trying to gain momentum at the international level, since the division of Wellness meets regularly in the schedule of Amateur and IFBB Elite Pro events competing Federation Dr. Rafael of Santochi (Dr. Rafael Santonja). Many fans of strength sports have already expressed their disappointment about this, as would prefer to see more tournaments in bodybuilding, included in schedules NPC / Pro League, not adding new units. Will we see the performances of the athletes-class Wellness at the final show of Mr. Olympia, time will tell.

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