Nice legs and a firm butt: fitness with elastic band

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Nice legs and a firm butt: fitness with elastic band

The contents

  • The pros and cons of rubber bands for fitness
  • The use of the projectile
  • Rules for the selection of inventory
  • Rules of physical activity with elastic bands
  • A set of exercises for buttocks and legs with fitness band

Elastic band for fitness (expander, an elastic or rubber band-loop) is a sports equipment that helps to get rid of the fat to form a beautiful relief of the body and strengthen muscles at home in a short time without expensive equipment and additional investments.

This device creates a good resistance, increases the load during the execution of a regular exercise and effectiveness of physical activity. Consider why this shell is so popular among athletes, its advantages and disadvantages, and learn the best sports items to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

The pros and cons of rubber bands for fitness

Elastic tape-loop is very easy to use, accessible to people of almost any financial income, it is highly functional and efficient. Fitness with the projectile not only productive, but also safe, because the expander does not harm the ligaments, joints and human skeleton. Other benefits of the inventory:

  • full and proper exercise of the muscles;
  • elimination of cellulite, improvement of the relief of the body;
  • the ability to study muscle groups of the buttocks and legs without such exercises as squats, lunges, many of which are contraindicated;
  • providing a uniform load on all muscle groups;
  • the increase in the number of burned calories by 250-300 units per 1 training;
  • the ability to control the load by the amplitude of the stretching and use of belts instead of weights.

Also this bike weighs little and takes up little space, so can easily be transported to engage in physical activity anywhere. The downside of elastic bands for fitness is the load threshold. It can be increased by wearing 2 or more shells of medium hardness, but increase with time loading will become impossible. To train with 5-10 tapes unrealistic.

The use of the projectile

Exercises with rubber band-loop athletes bring many benefits:

  • training and strengthening all muscle groups;
  • the increase in strength, endurance;
  • improve stretching, coordination, balance;
  • study and elimination of problem areas.

Rules for the selection of inventory

Physical exercise with elastic expander can be practiced by athletes of all skill levels. The main thing – to choose the right equipment, which is different in color and hardness. Green gum is the softest, red is slightly harder and both devices are designed for beginners. Blue rubber band is of medium hardness, it is suitable more trained athletes, and black – the toughest and designed for the most trained people.

Depending on the manufacturer, color and degree of hardness may vary. Most often, the green is changed to red. Some manufacturers produce soft fitness bands yellow, moderately hard pink, hard and the most purple. Therefore, the levels of stiffness you always need to check with the seller.

Rules of physical activity with elastic bands

In order to exercise with elastic expander was the most effective, it will have to take into account the following recommendations:

  • study the muscles of buttocks and legs every 3-4 days;
  • start the practice with a small load, do it first for 10-12 reps 3-4 items in a loop, adding each time 1-2 repeat;
  • perform all exercises with the maximum amplitude;
  • move smoothly, effortlessly and jerks;
  • work with correct technique, especially when using a tighter rubber band.

A set of exercises for buttocks and legs with fitness band

Following exercises with the elastic chest expander is made to make the buttocks round and firm, and the legs slim and beautiful. Each of them recommended to do 20 times in 3-4 laps. If this is difficult, you can start practicing, performing 12 reps.

  • Raising the legs in the jump.

Wear a rubber band for fitness on the ankle, to put the feet hip distance apart, arms folded, crossed on the chest. Jump, raise the leg jump. Land, jump again, bring feet back to starting point.

  • The steps in the half squat.

To sit in a half squat, hands close to chest level. To make a small step left with the left foot, then step right and also left. Repeat twice, then do a 3 step turn each leg right. The distance between the feet to leave the same.

  • Alternate allocation of the feet.

Aside back left leg, putting on a sock. To transfer body weight to the right, the pelvis back. With a maximum amplitude of lift up your left leg straight, then return to the starting position. After the completion of the set repeat the exercise with the other leg.

  • Walking.

To put the foot parallel to each other, spreading them a little wider than shoulder width. Bend the knees, making a half squat, hips slightly back, your back straighten, shoulders down. To make 10 steps forward, then the same back.

  • The squats with abduction feet to the side.

To put feet on the width of the pelvis, commit the rubber band for fitness a little above the knee. Sit down, stand up and take in the right direction straight right leg. To return to the starting point again to sit down and take in the left side left leg straight.

  • The breeding of the knees lying on the side.

Lie on your right side, lean on right hand, left foot on the waist. Maximum amplitude pick up, and then lower the left leg. Repeat the exercise, rolling over on the other side.

  • The breeding of the knees in the supine position.

Roll over on your back, put your hands on the floor palms down, fitness elastic band to keep just above the knees. Of the foot together. Strain the press, buttocks to raise the pelvis up, making a “Bridge”. The back does not bend. To breed and bring my knees together.

  • The splaying of the knees.

Get on all fours, positioning his knees under hips, palms under shoulders. Maximum amplitude to deflect towards right knee, return to starting position. To repeat the item fitness workout left knee.

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