Neil Yoda hill argues that the big Rami lost myself

Channel SAMMOOGYM INC. the Youtube has published an exclusive interview with the coach from the UK Neil Yoda hill (Neil Yoda Hill), which late last year took to his all-star team wards of the Vice-champion of the Mr. Olympia 2017 Rami Mamdu Elsbieta (Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay). The Briton claims that at the moment the big Rami extremely disoriented in the immediate order after a huge drop in the ranking of the top athletes in the last show of Mr. Olympia 2018, when the Egyptians fell to sixth place from second and lost the direct qualification to Las Vegas. Now Mamdu more wants to spend time with family and not ready to put on the altar of preparation. Plus a recent shoulder injury changed his plans for the conquest of qualification. Hill believes that big Ramy will be useful to miss this competition season with new strength and purpose to get ready in 2020. But he is the current coach for the Egyptian, that he has not decided. See the full interview with Neil Yoda hill below the news.


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