Muscle Lee priest looking to make it is to feel bad

Facebook banned advertising and promotion of the new film by Australian bodybuilder Lee priest (Lee Priest) on Kickstarter for a reason:

The problem with the image! This ad is not displayed because it uses images that are overly focused on the human body or any particular part of the body. (for example: focus on the abdomen or adipose tissue of the abdomen). It can make users feel bad and going against our core value is to promote a positive global community. What to do: avoid images with close up of individual body parts or before and after photos.

If the priest declares that the film was created to inspire people, not make them feel bad, but, unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t think so, and the athlete immediately expressed his point of view on the ban:

SERIOUSLY? I’LL BE DAMNED, LOL. The world has gone crazy !! My ad on Facebook for my kickstarter was rejected. Read their message. But we made this film to inspire people, not make them feel bad. You can’t control what anyone else feels about anything. And I only need 80 fans to pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD. Visit to get to my kickstarter. This is one of the reasons I left Facebook

Although there are many examples of when someone placed his body on Facebook to show progress or even to promote your brand / app, but the ban on body wor was imposed and it is completely absurd reason of all.


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