Mosquera Rubiel pumped up an inhuman neck

Mosquera rubiel
There are no people who spend a separate “neck day” in the sports club, although looking at Mosquera Rubiel, one would think that he not only came up with it, but did not miss it even once in a year. Rubiel is a professional bodybuilder from Colombia, who also has a rather swollen, large physique. However, this is not what stands out most of all for this athlete in the line of comparisons when he enters the competition stage. Looking at Mosker, it becomes clear that his calling card is the neck, or rather its incredible muscle volume, due to which it looks almost cartoonish. Rubiel may have the strongest neck in South America. But, the fact that Mosquera's neck stands out so much is not at all due to the fact that the rest of his physique is faded. Rubiel has amazing muscle that has served him well as an amateur bodybuilder who has already made his debut at the IFBB Elite Pro Professional Federation in South America earlier this year. Over the next few years, he became the one whose career would be interesting to follow. Having a neck like Rubiel is something genetically based. Although there are workouts that will help strengthen the neck to a certain extent, but this level of muscle is laid before birth.
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