Morgan "The Big Rock" Aste quarantined 155 kg

Morgan aste
The word "monster" is often used in bodybuilding, but this designation rarely fits anyone like a novice professional from France, Morgan Aste. In early March, a giant about 192 cm tall debuted at the Arnold Classic USA festival, where he impressed the audience with his stature and massiveness. Perhaps its proportions leave much to be desired, but this does not change the fact that Aste will never be left without attention on the stage. Last year, he won a professional card at Arnold Classic Amateur with a competitive weight of 134 kg. It is not known how much he weighed this year during his first start among professionals, but now, a month after the competition, this "mass monster" has shown incredible 155 kg! The photos from his profile on Instagram show that he is still in very good shape, as well as the fact that he was involved in the film "Pogaru" with the great Kai Greene (Kai Greene), which will be a definite plus in the career of this French athlete.

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