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Protein complex Metapure Zero Carb is highly popular among beginners and professionals. It is based on pure whey protein isolate. The additive is produced by the European manufacturer QNT, which invariably occupies a leading position on the market of sports nutrition. The company produces high quality and effective supplements that meet all modern quality standards and is absolutely safe for humans. Whey protein in its purest form — one of the best products that allow you to quickly gain muscle mass and keep the muscles in the drying period.

To zero the Carb, no fat and lactose. In the Supplement have concluded a large number BCAA — branched chain amino acids. Protein sports nutrition ideal for athletes, increasing muscle mass without any fat and also it allows you to save a wonderful relief. Mix well with the reduction of body fat how to diet and drying with preservation of muscle mass.


In each serving sports Supplement amounting to 30 grams, concluded:

  • protein — 25.2 g;
  • fat and carbohydrates — 1 g

It contains about 106 calories. The amount of branched chain amino acids per serving is about 5.5 g. the product added to food flavors and sweeteners.

How to take Metapure Zero Carb

The specialists of the manufacturer is recommended to use “zero Carb” from two to three times a day. On training days Supplement drink first in the morning and then an hour before training and immediately after. Free training days prepared a protein drink in the morning and between individual meals.

To prepare the cocktail, a portion of which is 30 g, diluted with a glass of plain water or milk. Some athletes double portions, that is, put 60 grams of substances in a pint of water, and then drink the prepared additive for the whole day.

To enhance the resulting effect in a set of clean muscle mass in the cocktail and add more creatine monohydrate which helps improve the performance of endurance and power characteristics. When the Supplement taken with the purpose of drying, preference should be given to the complex BCAA that allows you to inhibit catabolic processes and have more energy.

Welcome Metapure Zero Carb is produced by European brand that does not cause any side effects. Protein complex is digested well in the body. It perfectly dissolves in water and milk, has a good taste.


Whey protein, manufactured by a European company QNT, the greatest demand among the analogues. If you analyze the reviews that are found on many forums, in most cases they are positive. Athletes write about the high quality, effectiveness, balanced ratio, high rate of dissolution and absorption in the body. Professionals and bodybuilders with experience recommend taking a Supplement during drying, since the product has no unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates, and amino acids increased.

Manufacturers are trying to satisfy different taste preferences and produces Supplement with chocolate, strawberry-banana, vanilla, strawberry flavors. Not all of them are popular. The greatest demand cocktails such as vanilla and chocolate. Other flavors can also like it, because some may like they. The greatest emphasis in the feedback the athletes are paying the fact that the Supplement does not cause any problems with absorption and digestion. No upset stomach after taking this product do not arise.

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