"Me and Phil will come out in the last callout, but I will be the last one standing" – Brandon Curry

Brandon curry
Preparing for Mr. Olympia 2020 has already started heating up in the last couple of days. Since the announcement of Phil Heath's return for an eighth title, the level of excitement has risen to new heights. Immediately after he confirmed his return to the stage, Heath gave interviews to a number of media outlets (about this at ironflex.com.ua). Some of Phil's phrases were: "The world will see Phil Heath healed", "Champions do champion shit and don't need anyone's motivation." Shortly thereafter, the current Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry, who has always been a gentleman in all interviews, very professionally responded to the news of Phil Heath's comeback: “I have been in this sport for a long time, so I know marketing. You can't sell the seven-time Mr. Olympia and not mention the possibility of getting the eighth title. They have to stick to this marketing strategy and this record-breaking anticipation. This makes it exciting. It's not disrespectful to me, it just makes sense. And my job is to make you forget this whole campaign. ”On August 20, Brandon Curry again commented on Phil Heath in a short interview on a new show called 'Olympia Countdown' (watch video below this news). Brandon admitted that he and Phil will be in the final challenge on the Olympia 2020 stage. At the same time, Brandon added, "But I'm ready to be the last survivor." Brandon said again that he is very happy to have the opportunity to fight Phil Heath as the reigning champion, but when the smoke clears, he expects to get his second Sandow trophy. Iron sports fans should expect even more great comments from both champions in the near future, as the show is in full swing.
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Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry is all smiles over the news of Phil Heath’s Olympia return. “I'm prepared to be the last man standing”. – Video clip courtesy of #OlympiaCountdown the new weekly show devoted exclusively to bodybuilding's most prestigious event. # Olympia2020

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