Mass Builder from extensively as a fat burner

Gainer Mass Builder taken by athletes to improve muscle gain. Sports nutrition is produced with such additives as vitamins and creatine. The product is a carbohydrate-protein drink. It is actively used as professional builders and bodybuilders engaged in the gym at the Amateur level.

Sports nutrition helps to increase energy entering the body with food that was allocated for the construction of new muscle fibers. A weight gainer is ideal for those who can not deliberately increase the calorie content of their daily diet. Not all can increase the number of meals. Two servings of this drink per day yield 1026 calories.

Composition and efficiency

Sports Supplement contains carbohydrates and proteins. The first number is 71, and the second is 19 grams. The carbohydrate composition of the product is maltodextrin and easily digestible sugar. These compounds are of high value and therefore the Supplement has an affordable price. A professional trainer is recommended to take this weight gainer for people who have problems with weight gain, and muscle mass. Athletes with endomorphic physique to accept such additives is not recommended. Contained in the product simple carbs pack on fat, which can not be tolerated. Slim by nature people this Supplement is simply irreplaceable, because it is affordable and effective.

Mass Builder is made by the company extensively as a fat burner, each serving of shake contains 1.5 grams of creatine. This connection has a positive effect on energy metabolism and raises the strength that allows athletes to adjust to the power loads.

How to take Mass Builder

Determined by often coach or a specialist in sports nutrition. To determine daily rate of use, it is necessary to consider features of its menu and the degree of stress. By analyzing this information, calculate the missing amount of calories that must be compensated. Usually a serving of gainer take either after a workout or in the morning or evening as a snack.


A weight gainer is very popular among professional bodybuilders and beginners due to its low cost. Athletes notice a pleasant taste characteristics. Most athletes like to Supplement with chocolate flavor. Cons supplements too. Some athletes say that are not enthusiastic about soya, present in the product. Negative reviews often written about indigestion after consumption of the product. If you adhere to a balanced diet, to a regime and exercise, this Supplement will give the desired result.

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