Lutsenko exercise for weight loss

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Lutsenko exercise for weight loss

Lutsenko exercise for weight loss gained popularity among the people, dreaming to get rid of excess weight. Anita has developed a special program with which help it is possible to lose almost 80 pounds. This set is great to all who obesity prevents lead a normal life.

The secrets of successful slimming

Training program Lutsenko directed primarily to the burning of fat cells. However, it can be used for correction. Although the coach believes that people who have never played sports, it will be very difficult to build muscle.

Where to begin the process of getting rid of excess weight? To begin with – to perform daily morning exercises! And when the body becomes accustomed to physical exercise, you can begin exercises designed to improve the shape. But in order to get the desired effect, just training is not enough. It is important to completely rethink their way of life, change some habits, to organize proper nutrition. In addition, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

  • After an intense workout, a person experiences severe hunger. But you need to learn to control that desire. Refrain from the temptation to eat something sweet after school and a hateful pounds will go faster.
  • You should make small changes to your usual routine. To take looking for have often, but small portions. Several times a day, to allow time for a short workout.
  • To see real results will help ordinary centimeter. The weight loss sometimes called loss of muscle mass, but not subcutaneous fat. It is important to control the process of change of its volume.

Spiral gymnastics

All movements of this gymnastics is based on the twisting of the body. They help to increase the mobility and elasticity of muscles. This sport encourages Anita Lutsenko exercise for weight loss based on the spiral gymnastics suitable for all.

  • Sitting on a chair, you should visualize a big square. Raise the arms to the top of an imaginary figure. First, it is necessary to reach out to one corner, then slowly descend diagonally to the other, then slowly climb up. To make a similar movement in the other direction.
  • To perform the head turns in different directions. The last movement should stop and look up, then down. Repeat three times. Perform the same exercise, turning his head in the opposite direction.
  • To take a narrow scarf. Smooth motion to hold it over his head backwards. Do not bend your elbows. To return to the original position. You can intensify the exercise by holding the scarf diagonally. To execute 10 times.
  • Put right foot slightly forward. Rotate the torso to the left after to the right. To do a forward bend, rounding the back. Straighten up. Switch legs and perform the movement in a different direction. Repeat 5 times.
  • Feet apart, arms down. Should gradually withdraw my hands together with the body alternately right and left. Then in front of him to draw a figure 8.

Morning gymnastics

A complex of simple exercises perfect for an invigorating workout in the mornings. Exercises will help to cheer up, tune in a working mood and strengthen the muscles. All exercises should be repeated at least 10 times.

  • Warm up to warm up the body. Hands up in front of him. To perform high kicks, trying to touch hands.
  • Leaping from foot to foot.
  • 10 squats with dumbbells. During squats lift your hands up.
  • Starting position: prone position. Alternately throw hands with dumbbells in front of you.
  • To do some vigorous leg swings back.
  • Lie on the floor, left leg straight, right bent at the knee. Left arm with dumbbell pull up, lift the torso and linger two or three seconds in this position.
  • Long jump.
  • Jumping rope.
  • Do the exercise 6, but now need to bend your left leg and raise your right hand.

Exercise for flat tummy

Lead figure in the order after the child’s birth – a long and complicated process. Most women grieve the ugly folds of fat formed in the abdomen. To make them easy to get rid of Anita Lutsenko advised to include in your lesson plan three simple exercises.

  • Running in place, knees trying to get the palm of your hand.
  • Raise the straightened leg up and take her to the side. To make 20 strokes alternately with each foot.
  • Stretch your knees bent. Take a deep breath, a little hold your breath, then suck in your stomach. Slowly exhale. Repeat 10 times.

Program Anita Lutsenko has helped many people get rid of excess weight. Her workout repeatedly confirmed that regular exercise and well-chosen exercises can work wonders.

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