Low carb diet for weight loss

To attain slim and trim figure — a goal to which many people aspire. There are many reasons that contribute to weight gain, but the main cause is improper nutrition. If the diet has a large number of simple or fast carbs, people suffering from overweight. This was the main reason for the popularity of low-carb diet.

The contents

  • 1 the Essence of a low-carb diet
  • 2 the Opinion of doctors, nutritionists
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 Basic rules for low carb diet
  • Allowed 5 products
  • 6 sample menu for a week
  • 7 Recipes delicious diet meals
    • 7.1 chicken in a slow cooker
    • 7.2 the Meat with cheese in the oven
    • 7.3 Soup with oat bran
    • 7.4 Salad with NAPA cabbage and fruit
  • 8 How to leave a low-carb diet?
  • 9 Disadvantages of a low-carb diet

The essence of a low-carb diet

Carbohydrates are the energy source required for the implementation of physical activity. The surplus is not spent, and is deposited in reserve in the fat depot. This leads to a set of excess weight. If the amount of carbohydrates in the diet decreases, so energy is less. This principle is based diet.

Low-carbohydrate nutrition system for weight loss involves the enrichment of the diet of protein foods. This food triggers the launch of certain processes. The lack of an energy source leads to the activation of the reserves of fat depots. The first two or three days spent glycogen. It represents the fat that is accumulated because of excess carbohydrates. The following days actively break down ketones, which suppress appetite.

Biochemical processes occurring in the body, allow to get rid of excess weight by burning body fat. The result is weight loss. A week you can lose from three to five pounds of excess weight.

Dietary low carbohydrate diet is not only diet, but also a certain style of food. Some adhere to a similar system throughout life. If this decision taken stringent restrictions hold only for the first time, that is on a diet. In the future, guided only by one rule. It lies in the fact that for every kilogram of body weight eat 3-5 grams of carbohydrates.

This avoids disturbing the biological functions and ensures weight retention, that is, the person ceases to get better, but you have to adhere to certain hardships. It should be understood that this method of weight loss gives a local effect. To get rid of body fat in the thigh, abdomen or buttocks will not work. The pounds will go as a whole.

Another feature of this diet is that carbohydrates are not excluded completely from the menu. Leave the difficult, but completely refuse to simple. The latter are fast, which is almost immediately deposited in fatty tissue and do not have time to consume.

Special attention when building the right diet low-carb diet will do to the proper selection of protein-rich food. A large part of the diet accounts for products of animal origin. Vegetarian option assumes that the consumption of nuts and legumes.

The opinion of doctors, nutritionists

Low-carb slimming system is followed in the course of a week or month. Per day carbohydrate intake in a given period varies from 40 to 60 g. dietitians do not consider this rational nutrition. An overabundance of protein on the background of the lack of carbohydrates it becomes the cause of unwanted disturbances and side effects in the human body.

Experts advise dieters to adhere to the rational nutrition. It involves the balance BDIM when strictly control the amount and consumption of protein and carbohydrates. A balanced diet and moderate exercise guarantee a stable weight loss without any serious health problems. If to speak about speed of weight loss, it will not concede on the effectiveness of a low carbohydrate diet.


Low-carb diet violates the right balance BDIM, that is, the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates becomes far from the “ideal” norms. This imposes certain limitations. To adhere to such a diet is not recommended for:

  • an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys, gastrointestinal tract;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Such eating behavior is contraindicated minors. Any deviations from the norm under the age of 18 can cause the development of various pathologies and metabolic disturbances. You cannot change your diet during pregnancy and lactation. Disruption of the balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates is fraught with serious negative consequences for the health of women and children.

Basic rules for low carb diet

To weight loss went very effectively and productively, you need to observe a few important points:

  • To eat only permitted foods. At the time of the diet completely refuse:
    • white rice;
    • sugar and confectionery products;
    • pasta;
    • bread and other pastries;
    • starch-rich vegetables;
    • sweet fruits, such as grapes, bananas;
    • alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  • To prepare food without using fat. Recommended dishes to bake, boil or saute it.
  • To maintain the optimal daily amount of carbohydrates. It is not more than 100 g.
  • Drinking adequate amounts of clean drinking water. During the day, you must drink at least two liters. This does not include any other drinks. Only water.
  • To eat more often than usual. To stick to must five-single diet. The last meal should fall 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Need to sleep no less than 7 hours a day. Sleep plays an important role in the process of losing weight. Its deficiency negatively affects metabolism.
  • To drink vitamin-mineral complexes, allowing to avoid shortage of nutrients in the diet.
  • To include in its regular schedule of moderate exercise. They allow you to improve the end result and to maintain muscle tone, that is, to maintain muscle mass, it is important not just to lose weight, but to have a beautiful silhouette.
  • To stick to a certain daily allowance of caloric intake. Women should eat no less than 1200 and men 1500 calories.
  • To avoid serious health problems, keep a low-carb diet allowed for no longer than thirty days.

    The daily rate


    Калории1200 ккал1500 kcal

    Белки120 г150 g

    Жиры46,7 г58,3 g

    Углеводы75 г93,8 g

    Permitted foods

    The main advantage of low carb slimming system is the variety of the diet and the lack inherent in many diets, hunger. A major source of protein are fish, meat, eggs. From fast carbohydrates are abandoned in favor of slow. The latter is rich in vegetables, fruits, cereals.

    Indicators per 100 g of product

    Calories, kabelky, girI, guglevoda, g

    Chicken грудка11619,64,10,3




    Lean свинина17230,464,620

    Lean fish (hake)8616,62,20



    Mushrooms (champignons)274,310,1

    Curd 5%1452153

    Yogurt обезжиренный40314

    Low-fat cheese (cheddar, Colby)17324,3571,91

    Chicken яйцо15712,711,50,7

    Brown рис1122,320,8323,51


    Oat отруби403,210,8611,44



    Bulgarian перец261,30,14,9




    Green чай1000,3

    Among low-fat and helpful for losing weight varieties of meat products special attention deserves the veal. It is useful not only for those who wish to lose weight, but also for the elderly. This meat is often recommended for use on a therapeutic diet. From fish dishes great taste has a gentle and non-greasy heck. The lack of small bones makes it easy to separate the fillets from the spinal bones. Seafood lovers should definitely include in the diet menu, low calorie shrimp that give long lasting feeling of satiety.

    Meat, fish, seafood boiled, baked, steamed. This allows you to create a menu that is not boring and does not allow to get hungry.

    Sample menu for a week

    Recommended duration of a low-carb diet varies from 7 to 30 days. The easiest way to make a rough menu in under a week, and then slightly change if you plan to adhere to the system during the month. Meals variable. Most importantly, not to reduce the total calories daily intake to 1200 (women) and 1500 (men), as well as to monitor the number of carbohydrates (40-60 g).

    ДеньЗавтрак2 santrallerinin

    1 dantooine casserole — 150 g, tomato or cucumber — 1 PC., unsweetened tea — 200 mlkey — 100 mitushina fish — 150 g cabbage salad — 150 g bread — 1 piece Grapefruit — 1 PC. Porridge of brown rice with vegetables — 200 g

    2 degoulet of two eggs, boiled chicken — 150 Gnesiny cheese — 100 gribnoy soup with the addition of low fat sour cream — 200 g, bread, unsweetened tea — 200 mlkey with chopped cucumber and herbs — 200 Materna beef — 150 g salad of cucumbers and tomatoes — 150 g

    3 dontuseie vegetables with grated cheese — 150 Moloko — 100 slobodnoj soup in chicken broth — 200 Jabloko — 1 PC. Boiled chicken breast — 200 g cabbage — 100 g

    4 derosema porridge with Apple — 150 greypfrut — 1 PCs Stew of veal or chicken with vegetables — 200 obezjirennah cheese — 150 grechnevaya porridge — 150 g beetroot salad — 100 g

    5 denser — 50 g boiled eggs — 2 pieces, unsweetened tea — 200 melablock — 1 PCs Pea soup in chicken broth — 150 g salad — 100 g beef steak — 50 kefir — 100 maternai brown rice — 150 g of mussels — 100 g

    6 denser — 50 g, boiled egg — 1 PC., unsweetened tea — 200 maturalny yogurt — 100 metaphane meat 150 g, salad vegetables — 150 hkive — 1 PCs. Steamed vegetables — 200 g

    7 denimology buckwheat — 150 Gnesiny cheese — 100 gryba baked with vegetables — 200 kefir — 100 metapona breast — 150 g

    If a low-carb diet plan to follow for 30 days, then every sixth or seventh day hold a “stay” when the amount of complex carbohydrates raise up to the usual standards. This step is necessary. It avoids the slowing down of the metabolic rate, which is typical for continuous weight loss systems.

    Recipes delicious diet meals

    Allowed on a low carbohydrate diet foods you can cook a variety of wholesome, hearty and delicious dishes.

    Chicken in a slow cooker

    At 100 grams has 103 calories, of which 12.5 g protein, 5 g fat. Carbohydrates no.

    To cook a stew the breast, 250 g fillet thoroughly washed, pepper and salt to taste, put in slow cooker, pour 150 ml of water, add Bay leaf. The routine of stewing for half an hour.

    Meat with cheese in the oven

    100 g serving contains 129 calories, of which has 0.7 carbs, proteins 15,5, and fat — 6.4 g

    In cold water, washed with 400 g veal, cut into portions and repel. Spread the meat on a pre-greased baking sheet. Top pour 100 ml of milk. Bake the meat at 180 degrees for one hour, then, add pepper, salt. You can add your favorite spices to taste. On top spread sliced slices cheese (100 g), put it in the oven for another 30 minutes.

    Soup with oat bran

    100 grams of soup is concluded only 38 calories out of which 0,1 g carbohydrates, 2 g fats, 4.3 g — proteins.

    The broth is prepared from 150 g of Turkey breast, which is boiled for 20 minutes. Next, add a raw egg, onions and green onions, finely chopped dill, salt and pepper. Cook soup another 5 minutes and poured one and a half tablespoons of bran.

    Salad with Peking cabbage and fruit

    100 grams of this spicy salad have no more than 33 calories. There are more carbohydrates than other food (6.6 g), no fat and only 2.7 g of protein.

    Preparing a salad of peeled grapefruit or orange. At first make sure to remove the piers that give the flesh a bitter taste. Apple and citrus cut into cubes, and then mixed with NAPA cabbage (shred half a medium cabbage). Season the salad with a pair of arrows of the green onions, a tablespoon of lemon juice (freshly squeezed), salt.

    How to get out of a low-carb diet?

    Often the lost weight back again. With such a consequence after the diet faced by many dieters. This happens due to a wrong diet. So the weight has not returned, you must:

  • To increase calories gradually. Every week daily caloric needs to increase by 50 kcal, but not more.
  • Not to start immediately to consume carbohydrate foods (even complex) unlimited portions. For every kilogram of its own weight should be from 3 to 5 g.
  • Arrange weekly one low-carb day, whose menu will be similar to that adhered to during the diet.
  • To continue to engage in physical activity. This may be gymnastics, jog, charging and so on.
  • Do not forget about what to cook in a frying pan harmful for the figure, as well as drinking mode, using a day at least 2 liters of water. In addition, you should not start eating for two or three hours before bedtime.

    Disadvantages of low carb diets

    Restricting carbohydrates and increasing protein in the diet can have negative consequences for the proper functioning of the body. Some people have problems with liver and kidneys, which remove toxins resulting from the breakdown of protein. Excessive stress can cause malfunctions in these organs that can cause inflammation.

    Carbohydrate deficiencies can trigger various cardiovascular diseases, including ischemia and atherosclerosis, as in the blood raises the level of bad cholesterol. Can begin to bother frequent constipation which develop hemorrhoids. A decrease in mental alertness, headache, excessive irritability. The lack of fat is bad for the skin that becomes overly dry.

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